The Road To Finding My Calling Is F***ing Hard!
I’m still trying to figure out what it is I should be doing with my life.  Lack of searching certainly isn’t the issue that’s for sure. I’ve tried everything from professional cooking for which I took a full time year long course and subsequently went on to work at some pretty nice restaurants, to taking a two month home staging course, and quitting after only a couple of staging gigs.  At one point I even tried my hand at selling vacuum cleaners. Yes that’s right vacuum cleaners (what can I say it was a really good vacuum and I believed in the product). Needless to say I did horribly at it.  I’ve also spent many years at what most would consider “good jobs” in the administrative field both in Canada and abroad, where I had a good salary, a pension plan, paid vacation, sick leave basically the Canadian dream right?  NOT!  I left the “good job” because once again I just didn’t feel passionate about it.

What Is My Passion And How Do I Use It To Make Money?
I’ve always been so envious of those who knew EXACTLY what their passion was and just worked on it happily and tirelessly until the many doors of opportunity began to open up. There are definitely things I love to do in my life, like train and write, but I’ve never been dedicated enough with my writing for me to be able to see it as a way of life.  I’ll always love fitness training in all it’s forms, but I’ve been so all over the place with it over the years, trying new things for the fun of it, that I’ve never really mastered anything. I’ve gone from weightlifting, to at home functional training with sandbags and kettlebells, to trying out Zumba, to Muay Thai, and now Calisthenics. It’s allowed me to stay in shape, but not gain enough expertise to earn a living from it. So I guess my passion is to try new things.  Is there a job out there for an eccentric like me who has shiny object syndrome? I’m officially a jack of all trades but master of none.

I Know What My Big Picture Looks Like – Now How Do I Get There?
We should all have a vision for our lives, from there we can create goals to reach that final vision. My vision is me living in my huge loft apartment with tons of floor to ceiling windows letting in the natural light, an open concept flat with hardwood floors exposed brick on some of the walls, and ample space for me to train and workout at home complete with olympic rings, punching bag, and pull up bar. Id have a life where I can get up and go to sleep when I choose. I can travel and experience things when and where I want to.  I have written some best selling books, and I help and coach others in creating their best lives possible. I can work from home or anywhere in the world. I’m proficient in calisthenics and you can see me pulling off handstands and muscle ups with ease. I’m financially free and have the funds to give to charity and invest in my friends, families and the great ideas of others. Retirement is not an issue and I even have enough to leave a little somethin’ somethin’ behind to my relatives.

Sounds awesome doesn’t it?  Some people think I’m crazy when I talk about a life like this, but so what! I have a right to dream. Now my question is how do I get there? Obviously being a scatter brained eccentric hasn’t done it so far. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve still had a great life, lived in nice homes (and some not so nice), owned cars, travelled, I’ve lived some great adventures, always had access to good food both from restaurants and at home, and I’m healthy.  All of that is nothing to sneeze at and I’m very grateful but now I want more.

My Commitment To Commit
One thing that all the successful people I know have in common is that they stuck to something, without getting distracted by all the other possibilities out there. Now there is nothing wrong with the fact that I’ve tried things in my life and then realized that it wasn’t for me. In fact I feel lucky that I’ve had the courage to try different things in my life and just drop it when I realized I wasn’t into it. Some people stay in jobs they hate for decades out of fear of losing that security. Now I’m not advocating for anyone to go out and quit their jobs, I do think it’s best to have something lined up before doing something so drastic. But if you aren’t happy at least think about what might make you happy, and maybe start by pursuing it as a hobby or a side gig.  There’s no way I’d ever commit to something if I really didn’t like it, but what if I committed to the things I actually love?  I’m sure many of you can attest to it sometimes even being difficult to commit to things you love.  You know you will feel good while doing it, you know  you will feel even better after doing it but sometimes you just can’t get your butt out of bed early enough, or you’d rather binge watch your favourite TV series, or you put your family’s needs ahead of your own, or you get caught up on Facebook and next thing you know 3 hours has gone by. Which is why it is sometimes necessary to make a formal commitment to doing more of what you love.

If  You Don’t Know What To Do With Your Life In Terms Of A Career Then Just Do What You Love
So if you’re like me; all grown up and don’t know what you want to be when you grow up, then just do what you love. There is no guarantee that doors of opportunity will just start swinging open up and lead you on the path to your ultimate vision but I think there is definitely more chances of it happening the more you engage in what you love to do.  Simply because doing what you love puts you in a positive and happy mindset that will attract more happy and positive situations to your life. The more focussed and dedicated you are in the pursuit of doing what you love the greater the chances of opportunity arising that match what you are focussed on.

For example writing is something I love. I feel peaceful and happy when I write. Being a writer was one of the things I’d thought about as a profession in my younger days, but thought it impractical in terms of a career as I got older. But screw practicality! I’m not even thinking about making a living from it and putting that kind of pressure on myself. I simply want to make it a priority because I love it, it makes me feel good, it’s productive and I want to get better at it. No more letting life (ahem Netflix) get in the way. I’m committed to doing at least two posts a month on Blackbird Fly as well as putting work into side writing projects that I will reveal later.

As for my training, I’ve fallen in love with calisthenics and I am committed to training everyday. Everyday doesn’t mean 2 hour sessions every time, but everyday I will do some bodywork that will benefit my training even if some days are just about stretching and mobility work.

I’ll resist the urge to go after the next thing big thing that looks interesting unless I can fit it into my schedule without neglecting my other commitments. I will see how keeping these commitments this year will change my life. Will it open the doors to a career that will allow me to have the big picture I described above? I really don’t know. What I do know is that all this stabbing in the dark, and the nerve wracking thoughts on what I should be doing with my life aren’t getting me anywhere. Wish me luck!

How has doing what you love changed your life?




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