So my bestie needed a second driver to get to Toronto because (as I quickly learned) driving to Toronto with two babies is no joke. It’s doing things like taking a 6 hour drive with two little ones that remind me that I don’t want to have anymore kids, despite my biological clock trying to trick me into thinking otherwise.

The visit was a bank job (in and out) with only one day to hang out, but I still managed to have a couple of tasty meals, get some shopping done on the warehouse street Orfus Rd and of course the highlight of the short stay; a class at The Monkey Vault! I’d been wanting to go to the Monkey Vault since I’d found out about it a couple of years ago.

For those of you that don’t know The Monkey Vault is 10,000 square feet of parkour playground catering to young and old, newbie and the experienced alike.

There were 8 of us at the 11 am Sunday morning adult beginner’s class. We were a diverse group of men and women and all of us in good spirits ready to learn some parkour basics.

The drop in fee was only $15, so worth it considering you’re getting an hour of an instructor led class and then access to the facility for the day.  Most gyms are that price and more and you don’t get time with a trainer.

The instructor was a young enthusiastic guy, friendly and knowledgeable.  He gave us advice, did demonstrations, and showed us progressions to work our way up.

The class starts with a warm up, then there is a move or two that we focus on. In this case it was the vault. We were then shown progressions to the vault so each person could work at the correct level.

Once we’d done several drills, the teacher then set up a short basic parkour circuit to apply what we’d just learned.

The teacher ended the session by showing us some conditioning exercises; in this case it was box jumps and some core exercises on a bar.  After that we were let loose on our own to play for as long as we wanted.

There’s also a little weight room in the building, for those who want to get their lift on.

I’ve included a short clip of one of the very basic parkour circuits we were shown. I could have shown you more of what I learned that day if I wasn’t too shy to ask others to take pictures and video of me.

Final thoughts: The Monkey Vault is an excellent spot for anyone of any age looking to challenge themselves in a really fun way while improving their strength, coordination, mobility and flexibility.  Or if you just love parkour.

Next I want to try “Le Spot” the Parkour playground in Montreal!

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