Tam Tams just starting to gear up

Yesterday was the first time I’d been to Tam Tams in ages! I’m talking I don’t even remember the last time kind of ages.  I don’t know what took me so long considering it’s accessible by public transport

For all of you non Montrealers who might be reading this click here to find out what Tam Tams is.

There is something so natural and therapeutic about communing outdoors with other people who like you, want nothing more than to enjoy the simple things in life.  Tam Tams is especially conducive for this type of “human therapy” because the drumming seems to bathe the mountain in positive vibrations. The energy is palpable.

To me Tam Tams is a representation of what Montreal should be about. Diversity, openness and acceptance. Anyone can be part of the drum circle and definitely anyone can dance. For many uninhibited revellers it was too hard to resist the trance like beat of the drum, calling each pair of feet to interpret the rhythmic message in their own unique way.

If I ever go with a car I might just bring this bad boy and join in myself next time.
But for this time I was just a spectator, feeling so grateful for having such an amazing human experience with all the rich sights, sounds and smells to keep my senses deliciously busy.

I felt a rekindled sense of pride in Montreal just walking up to the Sir George Etienne monument.  It’s angel seemingly calling for anyone seeking refuge to come to her. Flanked by lions to protect all who step foot on the land that becomes sacred every Sunday in summer. Kind of like Montreal’s own little statue of liberty.  The statue of the politician doesn’t really fit with my narrative, but just let me have this one okay, I’m in a fantasy story kind of mood lately lol.

We walked up the side of Mount-Royal to claim our spot among the other nesters.

This was our setup:

And a couple of air couches for when we wanted a lower vantage point. Both were really comfy!
Both hammocks and air couches are BMW friendly (Bus Metro Walk); My friend was able to fit both into one small backpack.  On a side note I do find it way harder than the commercial makes it look to get air into one of those things. I look like a total mad woman running around in circles trying to fill it up.

The following 7 hours were spent just being.  Looking, smelling, napping, frisbeeing, slacklining, snacking, talking, laughing. All while being totally worry free.

There’s also really great people watching to be had at Tam Tams (just don’t do it in a creepy way). So many colourful characters.

I first saw these colourful beings at Mont-Royal Metro station last week, and at Tam Tams this week. I don’t know what it’s all about but they definitely put a smile on people’s faces wherever they go.

We had a nice young woman dressed like she just stepped out of a Woodstock time machine approach us selling her wares, which in this case were “edibles”.  Being the trusting Canadians that we are we paid her the $5 each for a piece of space banana cake.  Let me tell you, the combination of the cake, the sun and the cool breeze across my skin lulled me into a peaceful sleep.

I am not encouraging anyone to buy food from random strangers. Buy at your own risk.

FYI: The cakes were mild. I wasn’t expecting it to get me wrecked though, bad trips are bad for their business after all.

I love how being outside brings people’s child like spirit out, I saw people LARPING, Acro Yogis, frisbee players and more. Of course I had to try and practice the handstand (which still eludes me).








Despite being in the city the air was surprisingly sweet, mixed with earthy overtones of the trees and grass, punctuated every so often with the aroma of marijuana. I could only describe the melody of scents as “enchanting.”

After about the 6 hour mark we decided to take a break from the mountain to go and seek out sustenance. We found a caribbean spot on Park Ave just a short walk away called Cuisine Caraibe Delite.  I had the chicken roti with a side salad, my friend had the jerk chicken which comes with rice and a bit of salad, and we shared an order of fried plantain. I forgot to take a pic but we were both very satisfied with our meals. Fresh and flavourful with a touch of spice all for a very reasonable price.

After that our meal we went back to the mountain to chill away those final hours of daylight. The message of peace and happiness coming from the drums could still be heard well into the evening.

At around 9pm I started the bike ride back home. I really took my time, soaking up the sensual buffet that is Montreal. I sometimes think I’m bored living here and I start thinking about what trip I want to take next, but it’s true what they say that only boring people get bored especially in a place like Montreal that has so much to offer.

Okay so tell me did I see Tam Tams to you or what?


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