Unfortunately, ‘Operation Find a Training slash Cuddle Partner for Hibernation Season ‘ was unsuccessful and therefore had to be aborted until next Spring.  The reason for the abortion is two fold; 1) because trying to meet someone through a dating app such as Tinder is BRUTAL, especially for a woman of my age and 2) the weather is already turning a bit chilly and I don’t do dates with random strangers once the weather gets cold.  Actually, it’s hard to get me out of sweatpants and my apartment for ANYTHING once the weather gets cold.

In the summer, drinks with strangers who usually end up being weirdos is bearable.  If you don’t like the guy you can always just say an emergency came up and then disappear into the warm Montreal night and salvage your evening, because there’s always something going on in Montreal in the summertime.

In winter it’s another story though.  It takes every fibre of my being to get into any type of mood to go out, especially with a stranger.  Last year I actually did do a few winter dates, and there was nothing fun about piling on layers of clothing to go out into the bitter cold and deserted streets of Montreal, to go on a date with someone I didn’t click with, where I’d spent the entirety of the date thinking about how I couldn’t wait to get back home and into pyjamas. Well not this year.

This fall/winter I’m deleting the apps and I’m putting my focus into my training. Calisthenics will be my faithful companion this season, it may not keep me warm at night but will definitely be more fulfilling than any relationship I’ve had in a while.

Anyway, all the Tinder dates I’ve gone on this Spring and Summer have not been for naught.  My dating adventures have taught me that a mate who makes fitness a priority is a non negotiable, something I was never fussed about in the past. But whenever I did date someone who wasn’t into fitness it always resulted in me training less rather than him training more and I don’t want that anymore.  I want someone who will understand that a lot of my limited free time is spent training, so if we can share in that all the better. You know what they say: “A couple that trains together stays together.”

I would never use my training as a platform for meeting a significant other, but it only makes sense that if I’d like to meet someone who is into training calisthenics that I should spend more time around people who train calisthenics, but you see, I’m already over thinking it because I want to focus on training and not finding a man for awhile. Anyway I’m actually speaking hypothetically because in reality most of the people I train with are way too young for me and I ain’t no Mrs. Robinson (yet).

In short I look forward to seeing my results once the distraction that is dating is out of the equation. LET THE GAINS BEGIN!

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