Every now and again it’s nice to get away from 301’s gruelling Muay Thai camp schedule; being that Sam Roi Yot National Park is only about 30km away from the camp it’s a convenient place to make a day trip.

The trek through the park is a scenic one.  Be prepared for views of beaches, mountains, and forests; if you’re lucky you’ll even get the chance to spy some Dusky Langur monkeys playing in the trees.

If you follow the signs a 45 minute mostly uphill walk will bring you to the main attraction at the national park: Phraya Nakhon Cave. Inside the cave you will find Kuha Karuhas pavilion.  It was built at the end of the 19th century for King Rama V in Bangkok then transported and assembled here in this cave.  Be sure to arrive before 11am so that you can see the pavilion basked in direct sunlight beaming down from the opening in top of the cave.  The effect is magical.

Here are some shots from my day trip to Phraya Nakhon Cave in Sam Roi Yot.  Hope you enjoy.

*No editing besides pressing “enhance” to make colours stand out more in iPhoto was done.

This is just outside Sam Roi Yot National Park.


Fishing boat at Sam Roi Yot National Parks. They often double as boat taxis.


Me and my always awkward smile and pose (hate getting my picture taken) outside the national park. To my right is seating area for the restaurants that are just outside the national park.


Your one and only warning at the entry of the park.
Your one and only warning at the entry of the park.


The first ascent.


View from the peak of the first ascent.


View from the peak of the first ascent.


After that first peak it’s downhill again, once on flat land we were lucky enough to see these guys playing in the trees.


A little restaurant on the beach. We stopped and had a coffee before continuing on to our final destination.


The second ascent.


View from the viewing point/resting area of the second ascent.


View from the viewing point of the second ascent. Trying to capture the lush forest.


Almost at the pavilion.


And there she is. Bathed in sunlight.






I wish I was able to capture the condensation that was dripping from above clearer and crisper, it really was beautiful in real life.


Me messing around with the oh so corny black and white with one colour pop setting on my camera.



We opted for a taxi boat to bring up back to our scooters (the location of the first couple of pictures) rather than back tracking by foot. Beautiful day.

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