Thanks to Facebook and Google being the “big brothers” that they are, monitoring all my searches and likes, they were able to glean that I’m interested in the topic of self-development, hence the advertisement in my Facebook sidebar for a JT Foxx Mega Speaker event in Montreal.

The title of the event was:
“So You Want to Be a…
Speaker? Coach? Author? Or Get Branded?
Welcome to Mega Speaker Montreal, where we are here to help you…
START Unknown & Finish Unforgettable”

Naturally, I was totally psyched because I’d love to be a speaker, a coach and an author – yeah I know I’m all over the place but I feel all three complement each other.  I was especially receptive after just having done my mini speaking event on the topic of setting goals, and having a blast doing it at that! So I felt it must be a sign from the Universe that I should attend this event,  I didn’t even think twice about registering.  The following topics were supposed to be covered at the all day event:

Topic #1: How to get branded by speaking, even if you don’t want to be a sales speaker.
Topic #2: How to become a top platform speaker ($1 Million plus selling your product).
Topic #3: How to be a paid keynote speaker ($5000-$25,000 per gig).
Topic #4: How to become a top paid coach (Life, Wealth, Real Estate, Internet or Business).
Topic #5 How to get speaking engagements in the US and Canada.
Topic #6 How to get speaking engagements internationally.
Topic #7 How to speak with celebrities like Pacino, Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Zuckerberg.
Topic #8 How to become a promoter and create your own events.
Topic #9: How to become a New York Times best-selling Author.
Topic #10: How to become a celebrity in your own niche.
Topic #11: How to become a published author.
Topic #12: How to create your own products to sell on stage.
Topic #13: How to create a product and sell it online.
Topic #14: How to create an eBook as a lead generation.
Topic #15 How to become an Amazon best-selling author.
Topic #16 How to create your own CD of the month program.
Topic #17 How to build your database (List Building).
Topic #18 How to get onto other speaker’s stages.
Topic #19 How to create your stages for your own events.
Topic #20 How to hire other speakers to speak for you and your brand.
Topic #21 How to create your own radio show.
Topic #22 How to get PR and on TV.
Topic #23 How to become the authority on the market.
Topic #24 How to make $1 Million a year as a speaker/coach/promoter.
Topic #25 How to make $100,000 plus as a speaker/coach/promoter.
Topic #26 How to become a top female speaker (they are desperately needed).
Topic #27 How to build passive income as a speaker/coach/consultant.
Topic #28 How to close better than your competition each and every time.

The day started at 9am with a speaker named Rajeev Lahar, a Norwegian born Indian who had a pretty good job, but whose life was apparently dramatically changed when he started working with JT Foxx.  He now earns tons of money and travels the world as a motivational speaker, an investor and as an entrepreneur. He basically spent most of his time telling the audience how amazing his life has become since his involvement with JT Foxx and his organization.

JT Foxx Speaking to the Group

The next speaker was Damien Elston, once again he told us of his journey from a pretty good life to an absolutely amazing life after he made the decision to partner up with JT Foxx and become a coach and speaker.

When the illustrious JT Foxx finally came out I was on the edge of my seat,  pen and paper in hand, ready to write down all the nuggets of priceless information that were going to change my life.

He started out by telling us his rags to riches story, how he’s a Montreal born self made millionaire who has been on the covers of Forbes and Fast Company, has been featured on CNN, NBC, ABC and others. He also shared video testimonials of some of the people he’d helped to create a life abundant in wealth and success.  He even compared himself to the likes of Tony Robbins, stating that Tony Robbins is the #1 Performance Coach while he’s the #1 Wealth Coach.  I don’t claim to know all coaches, but I feel that if you’re at the level of Tony Robbins then your name should at least ring a bell, and would you really be doing free seminars for crowds of only about 250 people? which was about the number of people in attendance that day. I guess I just found it odd that someone who is supposedly comparable to Tony Robbins in terms of success and notoriety would draw such a small crowd.  But I was in my bubble and wanted to believe this event was the opportunity I was waiting for and so at the time didn’t really allow myself to think about anything that would cause doubt.

He threw out a lot of motivational phrases like: “Whoever is trying to bring you down is below you”, “Don’t Talk – Act, Don’t Say – Show, Don’t Promise – Prove”, “Make a decision today that you will be the best at what you do”.  It wasn’t long before he started talking about his DVDs “Speak Your Way To Millions” on sale for several hundred dollar, and warned us that we had to act fast because they only had 30 copies at this special price.

I have to admit I can get pumped up pretty easily, I was already hooked and impressed by Mr. Foxx’s many achievements and his ability to drastically change people’s lives for the better in such a short period of time.  The deal was sealed when I was told that as an added bonus the purchase of the DVD’s would allow me entry to an upcoming two day event in my area. So, at lunch I was one of many at the back of the room trying to get my copy of the DVDs before heading off to lunch.  I wasn’t fast enough to be one of the first 30 so I thought I’d missed my chance but when I finally reached the front of the line I was told ‘no problem’ and that I could still get the DVDs for the ‘special’ price.  Had I just fallen for an old sales tactic whereby you implant the idea that something is limited to create a sense of urgency to buy? Oh well too late now right?

Right after my purchase and before going to lunch, I wanted to meet JT Foxx and thank him for this opportunity and tell him that I look forward to looking over the DVDs.  So I headed over to the front of the room where he stood looking at a laptop. I tried to introduce myself but he barely made eye contact with me, didn’t smile or even hear me out, he brushed me off and advised me to go and speak to one of his “people” at the back of the room if I had any questions and proceeded to shift his attention to someone who was part of his team who had walked up shortly after me and who was now standing beside me. ‘WOW’ is all I could think.

He had no appreciation for my attendance even though I’d spent 2 hours by public transportation to get there, in the freezing cold, wearing inappropriate footwear which left my feet like two blocks of ice, to conform to the “business casual” dress code.  He came across as someone who felt he was too important to even look at me. I know this is simply my perception and not necessarily what he actually felt but if you read reviews of other people who have attended his seminars it seems I’m not the only one to get that impression.

The rest of the seminar went downhill from there, I couldn’t believe how much my opinion of someone could change so quickly.  he talked about how Montrealers are so uptight and don’t buy things even if it could change their lives, how we are a skeptical and closed minded people.  I suppose his tactic there was to make us not want to be seen as close minded and instead buy whatever else he might have to sell us just to prove otherwise.  He also shamed women for wanting to speak to their husbands before making purchases, he talked about how going into debt is sometimes a requirement for making money, which might be true in some cases, but since he doesn’t really know each persons situation and can’t GUARANTEE success, I didn’t feel it was his place to encourage people to go into debt.  What this whole spiel did tell me was that whatever was coming was going to be pricey.

Mr. Foxx also made ignorant impressions of foreigners (his impression of an African accent is awful by the way).  I was pretty much having a serious case of buyer’s remorse by that time.  I didn’t care how many people he’d helped, he just rubbed me the wrong way and I didn’t want to give my money to someone who came across as a used car salesman.

He actually did talk about one of his branding strategies, which was to use someone else’s credibility and reputation to boost your own. He talked about paying people like Al Pacino, Arnold Schwarzenegger, John Travolta and Vanilla Ice, half a million to appear at his various speaking events. I’m sure he makes a good portion of that back though,  because he also talked about how he charges regular people like you and me $30,000 – $40,000 to have the chance to be on stage with one of these famous people and interview them.  He gives you the chance to get a photo and video of yourself conducting the interview which you can then use in your own promotional material. He told us of a doctor and a real estate agent who became the top rated in their field in their respective towns using this tactic. Just paste a pic of yourself talking to Al Pacino on your website and that must mean you’re a good doctor.

I actually don’t think there is anything wrong with that, it’s no different than companies endorsing celebrities to boost their sales.  What I could have done without though, were the numerous videos he showed us of himself with these aging celebrities at his speaking events, we get it, you hung out with celebrities, I didn’t need to see the video of you rapping Ice Ice Baby with Vanilla Ice, or forcing John Travolta to sign songs from Grease following the shouts and cheers from a goading audience or having an arm wrestling match with Sylvester Stallone.

Later, Mr. Foxx received an incoming message and was looking at his phone DURING the seminar and felt the need to share with us that it was Sylvester Stallone texting him, even going so far as to show a member of the audience his phone and saying “see doesn’t that say Sylvester Stallone.” As if you can’t save ANY number under ANY name.  Maybe it was Sylvester Stallone who knows, in any case the display was pathetic.

One of the more entertaining parts of the seminar is when he channeled Miss Cleo and began giving psychic predictions about audience members and what type of personality they had, based solely on the information of whether or not they were an employee or business owner. The first two people seemed to be in awe of his accurate description. I felt like he was trying to imply that with his help he could fix all our character flaws that were holding us back from success. Things got a little heated when one person made the mistake of saying he was completely wrong with his assessment of her.  Oh boy, did she open a can of worms, he proceeded to humiliate her in front of the room for daring to challenge him. He asked her what was he wrong about, and before even giving her a chance to really respond, he said that he saw how her and her friends weren’t even taking notes and therefore weren’t serious to begin with, then he started asking her what was the last business book she’d read,  who wrote it, how many pages it was and what it was about.  She stumbled over her words trying to answer, as he mocked her half assed responses, now I don’t know what that had to do with anything, I aldo don’t know if she actually read the book or not or if she was just too nervous from being put on the spot, either way it was uncomfortable to watch. Her and her friends left after the public beratement.  JT Foxx on the other hand seemed proud of himself, reminding us that he had the microphone, therefore he was the one in control. It seemed more like a threat more than anything.

Now, there is ALWAYS an upsell, I knew there had to be more for sale than just the DVD’s, and I knew that it was going to be expensive after all the grooming he did of us audience members, in the form of putting us down, showing us how great his life is and how he gets to hobnob with celebrities,  and trying to make us feel like inferior individuals if we weren’t willing to go into debt in order to let him make our lives amazing.

How expensive you ask? Well, he was offering various multi day coaching sessions ranging from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars.  The cheapest package could get you a few days of coaching with one of the other coaches on his team, in their home.  The most expensive package was a couple of days in NYC where you’d get the chance to interview Al Pacino at one of his events, this option also included a one on one coaching session with JT Foxx himself.

The icing on the cake was when the next speaker, Francie Baldwin took the stage and right in the middle of her presentation JT Foxx walked in the room, didn’t even excuse himself or apologize for interrupting her, asked the room if we were cold, said a few more things, turned up the thermostat, then left, again without apologizing.  He was just so rude and cocky.

At about 6pm I decided it was time  for me to go, I should have left at lunch like a lot of the audience did, but I was trying to give it a chance.  I ended up leaving with two people who agreed to give me a ride downtown saving me the two hour trip in the now even colder temperatures. One of them showed me all the negative reviews he’d found on his smart phone about JT Foxx.  I really regretted buying of the DVDs after seeing that. He said JT Foxx even refused to shake his hand when he’d crossed paths with him in the hallway.

Returning the DVDs I bought at the Megaspeaker conference hoping there is no issue getting my money back even though when I Google the company First Class Coaching LLC I can’t find much besides a lawsuit. Here’s hoping.

Here’s my final conclusion:
He did not cover 99% of the 28 topics I listed above (unless he covered it all in that last hour I missed after I left). I found him very unlikeable and regardless of how many people he’s helped I personally wouldn’t want to work with him or attend another one of his seminars.  I returned the DVDs as there was a stipulation that I could do so within ten days of purchase if the seal hadn’t been broken.  Does that make me stupid? Should I have at least checked out the DVDs? Should the results a person can give you trump whether or not you like them or not? Maybe, but I’m just running a small blog with barely any followers, I was not willing to spend $500 let alone go into debt for someone I didn’t even like in the hopes of getting ‘branded’. Ill stick to growing my blog, learning along the way, helping others in any way I can and waiting for an opportunity that feels right to me.

All wasn’t lost though, I did meet those two guys who dropped me off at work after the event and both are into martial arts so that’s awesome! JT Foxx did share a few tidbits that I believe could be useful:

-Be unique and creative at your speaking events, give it your own personal flair (I guess thats what the rapping, arm wrestling and singing was about at his events, I still feel we didn’t need to see SO MANY videos of his shenanigans)
-Don’t be shy to show off any achievements or accolades (There is a way to do this where you don’t come across as obnoxious as I found JT Foxx to be, I mean I didn’t need to know you no longer have trouble getting laid thanks to how rich and awesome you are)
-Focus on what value you can provide to people (that was sorely missing at this event, like I said most of the topics weren’t even covered)
-If you have an informational book written turn it into a manual or home study course
-Sell courses and books FIRST to see how much interest there is THEN create the book or product rather than the other way around.
-Whatever the topic of your book or course make sure the results are measurable, it sells better that way e.g.: Lose 20lbs in 30 days.
-Try starting with a webinar if an actual speaking event is too intimidating, this is also a good way to hide how few participants you may get at your first few speaking engagements until you become more popular
-He explained the different seminar models and which are best for newbies and the pricing schemes that work the best if your upsell is going to be for a longer workshop
-He explained what info you should put on the slides of a powerpoint presentation, and in what order to have the best impact on the audience you are speaking to

So that’s it! I encourage you to do your own research on the man if you’re thinking of attending one of his events and come to your own conclusions, maybe his style does suit other people but it certainly wasn’t for me.

JT Foxx suggested we take pics with him and use this day at his event part of our story. So here it is!

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32 thoughts on “My Review of the JT Foxx Mega Speaker Seminar in Montreal”

    1. Yeah I’m not saying he’s never helped anyone, but I just felt alarms going off in his personality, his delivery. Even if he is legit there’s no way I’d be able to learn from such an offputting person, really arrogant and standoffish.

  1. Currently at the mega speakers in Ottawa I see your point. But he has some good advice. Branding yourself does have some benefit. And, he is fairly entertaining.

    1. I’m glad you are enjoyed the MegaSpeaker in Ottawa. He did deliver some useful information which I mentioned in my article, but not really worth a full day with his off putting personality and certainly not worth paying $30,000 to spend a couple of days with the guy who I’d never even heard of until I saw the ad for this event, considering he’s so great at branding using celebrities. But this is my opinion only if you got a lot out of it and found it entertaining then I’m happy 🙂

  2. Thank you for your transparency. I have cancelled my registration based on your candid review. I am grateful that you shared your experience.

  3. Dear Nicki,
    thank you so much for sheering your experience with us. Actually I’m signed up for event in Berlin and even consider to cancel my vocation. My boyfriend wasn’t amused. Now I’m sure, I will cancel my registration.

    Even though I’m a foreigner in the country where i live and work, I use 2 languages from none of is my mother language.
    For years I thought of becoming speaker.

    In my business and private live I constantly motivate people, I give them strength and hope. Sometimes I thing I should became the Key note speaker, but I’m not sure if my languages are good enough….

    Maybe your blog is a good place to exchange opinion , motivate or find support from same thinking people.
    If you find it in Berlin, I’ll buy you a drink.
    Take care

    1. Thank you for your reply Dragana! First I’d like to say your English is quite good even though it is not your first language. I also think that if speaking is what you love to do then you could DEFINITELY do it! What’s important is that you are able to motivate people, and send a great message! With time your language skills will improve but it shouldn’t stop you from speaking now! I would love to return to Berlin again one day, so if I do I hope to meet you. Good luck!

  4. Thanks ladies and gentelmen for exposing the real jtf. I honestly did not like the way he looks. His energy is weird. He is coming to Dubai and I signed up for his event. Am not wasting my day on this guy. Thanks again.

  5. Hi Nicki! That’s a very helpful article. He’ll be in Amsterdam in few days and thus propped me to Google the event and the speaker. Yours is the second thorough<> feedback I have read. Thanks for having put a constructive article onto this. At least there were also some good stuff. I hope you got your refund by now. Cheers! Rojen

    1. I actually did receive my refund in a timely manner! Did you attend the seminar in the end? What did you think?

  6. Hi Nicki, Thanks for your insightful review, I agree with everything you’ve said.
    I’ve just left the seminar in Edinburgh, Scotland at the lunch time break. I was really enjoying the seminar and wishing I had the £500 for the DVD’s, which is meant to be a special price for Edinburgh only (sales tactic), until he said “it’s only £500, if you don’t have £500 in your bank account, I’m going to pray for you.” Half of the room laughed with him. I thought how arrogant and patronising and I left. His method of coaching is for rich people who want to get richer. The biggest takeaway I got from the first half of a seminar was have your picture taken with a celebrity and it will boost your profile. His whole method is based on a wildly expensive 2 second photo opportunity with Al Pacino.

  7. Firstly anyone that offers a course for free has always got something to try to sell you !

    Knowing this I attended JT Foxx’s MEGA speaker course today in Edinburgh.
    My intention, to listen to and take any golden nuggets of information away with me. There’s an old saying ‘Genius’s steal ideas.

    Yes I did get some golden nuggets and I thanked him for his time at the end of a long day. Without parting with a penny.

    What I witnessed today. I first sore in a market at the age of 9.

    What I watched was a very good sales presentation where you’re told an inflated prices and offered a product at a reduced amount, something that your good Sunday market traders have done for years. Yeap JT FOXX is no more than a rich market trader that uses impulse sales tactics to get people to by his products.

    As a seasoned and successful salesman of 20 years I have seen this type of sales many times. There are 5 main impact sales tactics that are used and these are.

    1.) Jones Effect
    2.) Indifference
    3.) Fear of Loss
    4.) Sense of Urgency
    5.) Greed Factor

    And I heard every one of these today.

    A well oiled sales process that earned JT an estimated £7,455 in CD sales and £60,000 in course bookings plus charge for membership of the millionaire network club.
    This is a conservative estimation based on the number of people I witnessed at the desk purchasing products. I think that may actually well be higher

    That’s a minimum of £67,455:00

    There are 13 more MEGA Speaker course before the end of June, do the maths !

    JT has a massively self inflated idea of his own celebrity states. Yes he’s made money which has enabled him to book celebrity’s to come along to his events ! Something he sells off the back of! This is not anything special ‘once a celebrity is know longer popular they make their money doing the speaker and convention circuit.’
    Anyone of these would come visit you at your house for the right money !

    What your offered is basically a coached sales process that will make you money in various ways and a network of like minded individuals around the world.

    He’s very good at what he does.
    Did I warm to him, NO
    Did I like him, NO

    At one point he was rude and racist, talked about an Asian guy who’s made a successful business with the help of JT Foxx in Norway.
    I guy he said, had struggled because in Norway everyone is white, and then said “how cool is that”!

    His body language was appalling and it was obvious from it that on occasions he was telling lies.

    If he were reading this I’d be branded negative by him, when actually I was a successful athlete and rugby player, business owner and already quite successful.
    I’ve seen his type before and witnessed people buy into this type of concept before.
    For some it will work, for a larger percentage that brought into the idea most will fail, however JT Foxx made a minimum £67,455:00 out of his audience today.

  8. Dear Nicki
    Many thx for sharing your exerience with us. I just made a little search about JT Foxx as his event is taking place tmrw in Berlin and somehow I wondered if I should get some info before going there. And c … I found u;))
    Btw @Dragana if there is a possibility to meet as we are both in berlin and with same interests about speaking and coaching I d love that.
    I m seriously thinking to skip the event tmrw. So u saved me lots of time and hussle dear Nicki and c…. U def are getting more followers 🙂 wishing u all the best and luck

  9. Dear Nicki
    Like you I blogged about one of these seminars. I gave a blow by blow report and said my readers should make up their own minds. I have been hounded by one of that man’s lawyers and ended up taking down the blogpost because I don’t have the money to fight for my rights to fair speech even though he really doesn’t have a case for defamation. Check out in case you receive the same treatment. It’s probably only a matter of time until they find you since my blogpost recently disappeared from the front page of searches. I hope I wont be hounded for sending you this message.

  10. Hi there. I’m currently in Malaysia, and because FB dominates the nook and crannies of our internet, it suggested this event to me. I’d never heard of this guy before, and I do have to give him credit for great SEM. That said, from the one-pager about him, something felt off, so I searched him up, and a lot of the links are his own (red flag) and then yours and a few other blogs detailing pretty much the same.

    I figure if you go there filtering for lessons (some things useful, other on things NOT to do), you might learn something. That said, I decided not to attend simply because the time cost for me was too great and the inconvenience of getting to the location didn’t make sense.

    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Thanks Nicki, I’ve responded to so many personal development FB ads and have come to the conclusion that the market is saturated with BS it’s getting difficult to separate the wheat from the tares.

    There was an Aussie kid that had a youtube channel called “theLazyAssStoner”. He came accross as genuine and gave lots of value. Unfortunately he abruptly disappeared off the face of the web. What I found more alarming was the content he was sharing 3 years ago is what a lot of others are talking about today and selling at inflated prices.

    I registered for mega speak in Auckland on Aug 5. I might still go along with different intentions of course🤔

    By the you are an excellent writer. You covered the story with honesty that is very much appreciated.

    1. Hi Joe! Thanks for the compliment on my writing I appreciate it! I’d love to hear what you thought of the megaspeaker event! I hope you get something out of it.

  12. One of his ads found it’s way on my facebook page and I thought it sounded too good to be true. Seminars like those cost money and NOBODY bothers coming to Christchurch, New Zealand.
    Anyone wanting real information from a successful coach should check out Brendon Burchard and his suite of products. He has plenty of free content on his youtube channel. He is a little hyperactive and annoying but is one of the best instructors out there.

  13. Thank you Nicki, a very well written and accurate piece. i must admit that i too wasted Time and money on this Pure unadulterated BS

    1. I’m sorry to hear that you feel you wasted your time as well. I’m an optimist so I REALLY wanted to believe that the Mega Speaker event would be the “breakthrough” info I’d been needing. I even knew going in that there would be an upsell so I was actually open to his message. Unfortunately though his delivery and his personality just really turned me off. Thank you for leaving a comment.

  14. Great Blog Post. I attended a 1 day course in Jhb. Have the JTF foundation come after you yet for posting about it online ? There was quite a long disclaimer on the entry ticket email, one of the items stated I will not post any reviews online about this free event.

    I found the event far to long, with sitting from 9 – 12, then an hour break for lunch then we sat from 1 till 7, with 2 short breaks, we left at 7 before the next program kicked off. My biggest issue was him saying if you need to go into debt for his courses do it. To me that is a big red flag as there is no guarantees that his coaching will turn your business around. Debt is why so many people are in financial difficulties.

    Maybe his coaching has worked for other South African’s, I came across one who has published a book, on her website she has a pictures with a few famous people, obviously she paid to be in the coaching team. The first one was with her and JT, and JT with some of the celebs in a photo collage which is what the marketing person told us to do with the selfie with JT. I don’t get it, having a picture with a celebrity is not going to improve your personal brand overnight.

    I certainly was not in the market to purchase any of his products, I got some valuable food for thought but I would not sign up for any of his programs. It almost felt like a cult that one buys into. I do believe a business coach or a mentor is needed in business but I am sure there is qualified people in our own country one could use instead of taking our money and investing it in a foreigner who thinks he knows this country better than we do.

    1. Honestly when I attended there was no disclaimer about not reviewing the seminar, but the fact that he says that should be a huge red flag for anyone attending. All I can say is I hope that people who do engage in his services actually get something out of it. Thank you the compliment on my post and thank you for your comment!

  15. Hi Nicki,
    I’m ashamed to admit that I have attended his seminar on 28th February in Perth and purchased his CDs, his charity tie! his iPhone app and on the top purchased a coaching program in Sydney for $6500!!!
    After a month when I listened to CDs and realized what a total waste of time and money it has been, I have requested a refund on coaching program which will be in December 2017 in Sydney (did not ask for refund on CD, tie and app as I have used them…)I am shocked to say they refused to pay me back! even though it is due to be delivered!
    I felt I am not a right person in their organization but after this refusal, I have concluded that I have been scammed! any advice would be appreciated on how can I get my money back?!

    1. Hello thanks for reading and replying. Please send me a private message and I’ll give you what advice I can.

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