Well this post used to house my review of the JT Foxx Mega Speaker event that I attended this past winter, but after two phone calls and an email from JT Foxx, a cease and desist letter and a quick phone call with his lawyer, I am finally giving in to the bullying and intimidation and I’ve taken down the review.

It makes me wonder how solid a so called multi-millionaire’s business really is, and how good the quality of the services being offered really are if he is willing to go so far as to tamper with the media so that any negative reviews of him are suppressed (because I’m not the only one.)

I’d love to see this through to the end just on principle, but let’s face it JT Foxx can outlast me financially in the courtroom. A business lawyer in Montreal has told me he doesn’t have a case but I’d still have to shell out to defend myself if he did choose to go through with a lawsuit.  I’m so sick of the Goliath’s of the world throwing their weight around, using money and intimidation to bully the David’s of the world, but we live in a world where money usually wins.

I was accused by both JT Foxx and his lawyer of simply trying to assassinate JT Foxx’s character despite the fact that there were many people who also attended his event and agreed with what I’d written in my post. There are other bloggers out there who have written about their experience at JT Foxx’s Mega Speaker and although none of us have met or spoken prior to attending or writing our reviews we all seem to be saying the same thing, just in different writing styles. We also have many people who have commented on our reviews who also agree with what I and other bloggers have said in their reviews.  So my questions is: When does it stop being considered a character assassination when you have many people confirming the same thing based on first hand accounts?

I invite anyone who is on this page now to have a look around at my blog, do I give you the impression of someone who just hates seeing people help others? Who just has an evil streak of wanting to ruin those more successful than me? Or do I just seem like someone who shares the good and the bad about her experiences in life?

I believe I only have one other negative review on my blog. You know what that company did? They owned up to it and acknowledged where they were lacking and offered me to redo my experience free of charge. No one ever asked me to take down my post. That’s called learning from mistakes. Integrity:1.

You know what I received from JT Foxx after he saw my bad review?

1. A phone call where he seemed to be nice and apologetic and offered me some free coaching to atone for my negative experience at his event. He also had a reason or a justification for many of the things I mentioned in my review that made me dislike the event. He suggested how it would be great if I take down my review.

2. During the second phone call the tone wasn’t as nice, he talked like it was a deal set in stone where I would take down my blog post simply because he sent me a link to some poxy coaching session (sorry I’ve been watching too much British TV lately and I love their expressions).

3. Next was a rambling, accusatory, insecure diatribe in the form of an email which only served as a confirmation about all my initial opinions about him in the original review that I wrote.

4. Next came the letter from his lawyer asking me to cease and desist. Again talking about how I am assassinating his character. What I’d like to know is how one can assassinate someone who has already committed suicide?  He is doing a fine job at creating a reputation of his character all on his own. If him and his products and services were so amazing he wouldn’t have to be threatening to sue small blogs.

5. Finally a phone call to his lawyer which ended with him “agreeing to disagree” when I confronted him with logic.  If you’d like to know what logic I hit him with, then keep reading:

One of the things I wrote about in my review is how JT Foxx refused to shake hands and didn’t really make eye contact with me even when I was trying to speak to him during a break. Well, the lawyer said my review comes across as malicious and intentionally wanting to hurt JT Foxx and his business because I didn’t remove the part about JT Foxx not shaking hands even though JT Foxx explained to me via a phone call months after the fact, that a medical reasons are what prevent him from shaking hands and looking people in the eye (yeah, I don’t get it either, I didn’t ask for details on the condition, I’m just telling you what he said).  I asked his lawyer wouldn’t it be simpler to give a disclosure at the beginning of an event stating he has a medical condition which prevents him from shaking hands? Isn’t this smarter than insulting people by refusing to shake their hand without any explanation at all, and then later having to explain yourself?   At which point his lawyer literally said  that he would have to agree to disagree.  Just so you get an idea at the level of silliness I’m dealing with not only from JT Foxx but from his lawyer as well.

I’ve seen handicapped kids deal with their disability by acknowledging it, owning it, and being an inspiration to others, yet JT Foxx, a grown  man who is meant to be  helping others be better at business and speaking can’t take two seconds at the beginning of an event to say he can’t shake hands for medical reasons?!?

I was more than happy to update the review saying that JT Foxx has a medical condition and that is why he didn’t shake hands.  I was also willing to update it to say he called me to make amends.  But he said he didn’t want that. In fact he wanted me to hide the fact that we had any communication at all.  He basically just wanted the post deleted without a trace, to make it seem like the negative experience never happened without any influence on his part.

So there you have it, I can’t give you my full review but you can decide if you want to attend the event of someone who works THIS hard to keep people from speaking their valid opinions. Someone has told me that now he has a disclosure on his tickets saying you aren’t allowed to review his event.  If that doesn’t speak volumes I don’t know what does.

If you want some insight into what type of person he is, here is the email he sent to me with my critique in red:


I am baffled, my coaches as baffled and even my attorneys are baffled.
Notice how he casually drops the word “attorneys”  this is passive aggressive bullying, this was the first mention of a lawyer.  A far cry from the nice guy image he tried to maintain in that first phone call where he supposedly just wanted to apologize.  Didn’t take long for the true colours to come out and for it to be known his attempt at “making things right” as he calls it later in this email, was not sincere. It was a bribe and when I didn’t take the bait he starts emailing threats of litigation.   

Last weekend in Singapore and again yesterday in Ireland to very large crowds at both, in the Q & A portion of the event, they asked me why the not looking at in the eyes and shaking hands.
NO! Really? People who expect to shake hands and who expect a SPEAKER to make eye contact are asking why? Yet this is somehow my fault. 
I have asked you to take down your post, because I shared with you why the following two things because of a medical conditions. I have called you personally and apologized and explained you what happened. Everything you wrote on your blog I clarified.
Explaining why he acted the way he acted (and by the way, the not shaking hands and not looking me in the eyes was just one of many things) doesn’t take away from the fact that I STILL had a not so great experience at the event. Did he think that once our phone conversation was over that I was going to say “oh that explains everything, so now I can change my post to say I had a great time at your event.”  Like I said, I was willing to add in an update to say he apologized and to clarify what he said but he didn’t want me to do it. 
Despite this you are not interested in the truth, you want the attention. You want to hurt me and my business, because that is what is happening. People who Google me will see and will get that impression. They make up their minds online, they don’t attend to find out for themselves.
I had never even heard the name JT Foxx before the event came up as an ad in my sidebar on Facebook, so the chances that I am now just trying to ruin him and his business is a stretch. Apparently he can’t fathom that there are simply people out there that don’t like his approach or his personality, instead he’d rather concoct the theory that there are just a bunch of us out here trying to ruin him and his business for “attention.”
You attended a FREE event, if you don;t like it fine, but why write about it. The content is amazing yet you write that I am pretty much an asshole cause I don’t shake hands or look into the eyes and I am rude and interrupt my people. Not once did you say, the content was so high level and great for a free event.
A few things to touch on here:  First of all the content being high level is a subjective statement.  Second I actually did say he gave some good advice and tips at the event. Third I never called him an asshole.   My post was actually not all that bad compared to others who gave scathing accounts of their experience. Lastly, why can’t I write about any experience I have in life. I can only write about the things that I’ve paid for now?  Free or not, his events are used as a platform to sell high dollar amount packages, so why shouldn’t I review it?
Any normal person would say you know, he really cares, he called me, offered me courses even though I refunded, he is a pretty decent guy. I don’t want to hurt him or his business. But you instead want to be a crusader against JT Foxx, you are not interested in the truth, you just want to hurt me. You gain nothing from your blog except hurting me and my business. You didn’t get defrauded, you didn’t waste time, you got great value… and it was FREE!
“Crusader against JT Foxx”?  To that I say “GET OVER YOURSELF JT FOXX” I wrote ONE review based on my experience and now that makes me a crusader against him? Meanwhile he’s the one harassing me to take down my blog post. Basically what he’s saying is that I’m not normal because I didn’t fall for the manipulation. A few nice words and some links to some old coaching and I’m supposed to take down my blog post?
I would never write a blog about a free event and try to hurt anyones business if I didn’t like it, especially if the person called me and made it right.
Honestly I was never “trying” to hurt his business. I gave my opinion on something I experienced, but the whole review process apparently “baffles” him and his team.  And if he calls offering me free coaching in exchange for taking down my blog post otherwise he’ll sue me as “making it right” then it’s just one more reason why me and him are not on the same page, and why I would never want coaching from someone like him.
Why try and hurt a fellow montrealer who is out in the world, representing a place that is very negative, which bye the way always told me I would never make it. You make me not want to do FREE events anymore,  what’s the point if people will just try to hurt my business.

Sorry, I don’t base whether a review is going to be good or bad on where the speaker was born.  Also this paragraph is rich considering that he did nothing but put down Montrealers during the event. Imagine, he was IN Montreal and putting down Montrealers but now he expects some sort of loyalty based on the fact that we are both from Montreal? And I love the way he makes it seem like he is doing the world a favour by doing free events.  We all know full well the goal is to get as many bodies in those seats as possible so that he increase his chances of making as many sales as possible.  And I’m not even saying this is a bad thing, I know how the “free event” goes. I’m aware there will be an upsale if I attend a free event, what I don’t like is how Mr. Foxx is trying to insult my intelligence by acting like the free event is something for “the people” when it’s just a way to attract the most potential buyers.

Today I am in Manchester doing a Mega Speaker and hopefully will change lives especially after last week bombing. This place needs speakers and coaches to spread the word of prosperity, hope and success. I plan on raising money for the family of the victims but you don’t want to talk about these things and I am the bad guy.
I never said he was a bad guy in my review. I also think bringing up a bombing to try and pull heart strings, and to try and portray yourself as some beacon of hope in the discussion of a bad review about something that has nothing to do with terrorism as seriously lacking in humility and a low blow.  Next, how the heck would I know he was raising money for these people anyway and finally WHAT DOES IT HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING? I’m reviewing his event, not making a list of all his charitable donations. 

 How about the millions i raise for sick kids?
Again, what the hell does the millions he raises for kids have to do with the fact that I didn’t like his Mega Speaker event? He is trying to manipulate me and my way of thinking with things that have zero relevance.  Also, while it’s always good to share the wealth I don’t get that excited about millionaires making charitable donations. We all it’s a drop in the bucket for them and we also know its a tax write off.

How many success stories I created?
I never once said he has not created a success story, maybe he has created many. However this doesn’t change how I felt about his event. Not to mention I couldn’t find any positive reviews  online that didn’t come directly from is website. 

but you are not interested in those stories.
I am not interested in those stories because I am not writing a biography on JT Foxx. I was writing about the ONE Mega Speaker event I attended. He’s just trying to derail the topic with irrelevant stories. 
I am a catholic, I believe in forgives and spreading prosperity, not hating and hurting others. The problem with negative people is that they have a problem or an excuse for every solution and answer you offer them. I know you are not one of those.
Honestly I don’t even know what the point of this part is.
I am sure you don’t care about this email and you will turn it around on me, but you know I did my best.
I don’t have to turn anything around, the email and this entire situation speaks for itself. Here it is in a nutshell:
I went to an event.
I didn’t like the attitude, personality or approach of the main speaker at said event.
I documented in a blog post, the things he said and did at the event which caused me not to like the event.
Many people who had attended the event agreed with me.
The speaker didn’t like it and now wants to sue me.
The end.
So how exactly am I turning anything around?
I am a man of my word, here is the course that you refunded, that you yet questioned my integrity in your blog that whether you would get it back. You have been wrong about me this entire time.

I admit that I said I was worried I wouldn’t get a refund from the CDs I returned, but that was based on other bad reviews I’d read, but I was refunded in a timely manner after all. He also offered me a digital link to the CDs I’d returned as part of the “gift” he’d given me to “apologize.”

do not want you to review it, or even mentioned we talked.
Not only did I not review the material but I didn’t even look at it.  What I don’t understand is why do I have to hide the fact that we spoke?

Furtherer if you look at the website and terms of your tickets, there is not pictures or audio allowed at event, so please take that picture of my slide with my name on it.
Well I guess I didn’t read the small print but during the event he encouraged us to take pictures of us with him, and to use it on our websites. I guess he just wasn’t banking on it being used in a negative light. 

I hope you do the right thing, take the post down, so it can stop hurting my business and I can stop answering questions about my medical situation, it’s just plain wrong.

Do the right thing for who?  Also as I said before it’s just plain silly that he is blaming me for people asking about his medical condition? I am not the first person to comment on him not shaking hands so he can’t pin the fact that he has to explain himself on my review.  Anyone who comes from a culture where shaking hands is normal is going to wonder what’s going on. Also, GROW UP! You’d think he had some embarrassing disease when the reality is that his ailment is undetectable and not a big deal. Like I said, I’ve seen children deal with worse ailments better than he is with this non issue. The only reason it’s an issue is because he’s making it an issue. 

Also, do I really want business advice from a man whose business is on such fragile ground that my little blog has the power to affect his business? If he was so successful I shouldn’t even register as a blip on his radar, let alone “hurting his business.”  

Hopefully we can become friends, but I give it 99% chance that you won’t do anything, because you are more interested in hurting me and love getting the attention.
As if I believe that he had any interest in being friends.  It is delusional that he thinks my goal is to hurt him rather than taking a good long hard look in a mirror to figure out why many people perceive him the way we do.
If you find in your heart to take it all down, I am willing to forgive and forget and start at zero.
He expects me still consider taking  down my post after he JUST accused me of  being an attention whore who only wants to hurt him. 
If not, do what you want. But how many people in the world or businesses refund a client, their CEO calls the client, apologizes, make things right, explain a personal medical condition, send them their $5000 course despite them not taking down a blog post and despite hurting it’s business.
Okay I guess he doesn’t realize that businesses refund people ALL THE TIME so I don’t know why he considers it to be such an anomaly worth bringing up. Now I admit I don’t get too many phone calls from CEO’s that’s true, but it’s a phone call from  JT Foxx not from Justin Trudeau so let’s just all calm down with how amazing that was.  Also the prices he arbitrarily assigns to his courses don’t intimidate me, does he think I “owe” him because he gave me a link to some old material that he values at $5000? You’d think that he actually gave me $5000 in cash the way he goes on. And he didn’t “explain” his medical condition, he just said he had one.
My attorneys have recommended I take legal action and even though one would argue it’s opinion, my attorneys would argue tortious business interfere or that I write a blog to myself and do some media and explain this what happens when you are the victim of cyber bullying when one hides behind opinions, yet despite the facts, they ignore them.
I write a review based on my experience at his event and just because he didn’t like the content of my review I’m now a cyber bully? I’m hiding behind opinions?  He is the one who wants me to hide the fact that he’s contacted me at all, he’s the one who wants to silence the people who attended his event but I’m the one who is hiding?   Oh and I’m the cyber bully even though all I did was write one review about his event, meanwhile I’ve endured phone calls and emails (from both him and his lawyer).  Does anyone else see serious hypocrisy here?
Nope I am not like that. I don’t want to hurt you when anyone google’s you, because if you ever become a speaker or in business you don’t want people doing this type of thing to you. I don’t want to financially ruin anyone, even though the court case would be a long process, it would be very expensive for both sides. The Quebec law mandates each sides pay their own legal bills whether or not a claim is valid so I am told.
BOOM: Key phrase here is “whether or not the claim is valid”  basically he doesn’t care if he is right or wrong he just doesn’t want anyone saying negative things about him and he’s willing to “law them to death”  to get his way lol. 
Nope… JT Foxx, just does what he says, sends the course, man’s up and hope that people find it in their heart to do the right thing and see past any past problems and focus on the future outcome.
Mans up?  I guess we have a differing opinions (again) on what being a man is. To me its a lot more than sending a link to some coaching in exchange for my silence. Pretending all the negative reviews never happened and even not wanting it to be known that we have spoken is “manning up”?  okay then.  Oh and you gotta love how he refers to himself in third person. 

I wish you the best, I really do, but in the end I just want you to know you won… Whether you take it down, you have hurt my business and my heart as you are now forcing me to talk about 2 things I vowed never to talk about based on a medical condition. I am ashamed of it and cannot control.
Hurt your business and your heart? Well you hurt my heart too JT Foxx, because you made me take down my post with threats of legal action all because your ego was too fragile to withstand what some people think of you.
I hope you are getting what you want in this.
Nope you got what you wanted, I took down the post. 
Sorry for long email, it has been on my mind every since you sent me your email.
I told his lawyer that I would post the above email (which I checked is NOT illegal) if he forced me to take down the post.  There are people out there who use reviews to make decisions on what they will do and buy so for the JT Foxx team to try and assault free speech by threatening law suits on people who say anything he doesn’t like is not fair. I may not have money to go through a legal battle with him but I can try to say what’s on my mind with the limited parameters I’ve now been given.


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76 thoughts on “My Review of the JT Foxx Mega Speaker Seminar in Montreal”

    1. Yeah I’m not saying he’s never helped anyone, but I just felt alarms going off in his personality, his delivery. Even if he is legit there’s no way I’d be able to learn from such an offputting person, really arrogant and standoffish.

    2. https://shellmc.tumblr.com/post/162181949987/how-a-single-mum-of-three-tripled-her-income-after

      I have to say I am appalled at this review of JT Foxx. I have attended his Mega Speaker event twice and got lots of value both times. I realise his style may not be for everyone but he is no scammer!! He is the real deal and cares a lot about his students success, more than his own. He donates hundreds of thousands of dollars to children’s hospitals and ķids suffering from cancer. Yes of course he sells at the back end of the free event, how else is he going to make you successful if you don’t pay for coaching? Coaching that led me to achieve tripling my income in 12 months! I listened to every cd of his program 3-4 times each and that is how JT Foxx changed my life. He does pay celebrities to be at his events, c’mon they are celebrities, of course they expect to be paid – he jnows the power of celebrity branding and how much it can impact your business or brand, that’s why he lets all his students have access to getting pics taken with them. If he called you and offered coaching and sn explanation and you still write about him in a negative light than shsme on you! It was a free event. You just have left if you were so offended by him not shaking your hand or giving little eye contact. I really don’t understand the need to tear him apart the way you have and influencing people online to not attend his event because of your bad experience. Let people make their own mind and don’t judge him from this one review please. You are ruining things for everyone else by posting this based on emotions. You have no proof his services are not valuable because you did not buy anything.

      1. I don’t want to hide comments that are in favour of JT Foxx which is why I have approved and will reply to this comment. First of all good for you that you tripled your income in 12 months. I am genuinely happy for you.

        First of all you NEVER read my review, it’s not even up anymore, so everything you wrote in your comment is IRRELEVANT.

        How do I know you never read my review? Here are my reasons:

        1. I NEVER SAID HIS SERVICES CAN’T HELP ANYONE. I actually said that maybe he has helped many people, but his style and his delivery are not for me, and that I wouldn’t be able to learn from a mentor I didn’t like and respect. And actually my review was NICE compared to other people’s bad reviews.


        3.JT FOXX GIVING TO CHARITY HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MY REVIEW. I sort of believe that you were instructed by someone on JT Foxx’s team to write this comment because you are using the same talking points that he did. He also mentioned his own charitable donations as a way to give more credibility to himself and his coaching. First of all, a millionaire giving to charity is not an accurate measuring stick for the integrity of his character. We all know that many rich people give to charity and it’s a financial write off. So while it is nice of him, it doesn’t impress me when a rich person gives to charity. It also has NOTHING to do with my review. It doesn’t matter if he gives a million dollars to charity a day, it still won’t change the fact that I didn’t like his Mega Speaker or how he was with his guests at the event. So why do you and JT Foxx keep bringing up his charitable donations which is totally irrelevant to the topic at hand?

        4.I NEVER SAID THERE IS ANYTHING WRONG WITH SELLING AT THE BACK END OF HIS EVENTS. When did I EVER say there is something wrong with him upselling at his MegaSpeaker. OBVIOUSLY it’s expected, so why are you bringing that up in your comment as if I said something bad about him upselling? You and JT Foxx are both grasping at ANYTHING to try and make it seem like I used defamation against him when I didn’t. I used ACTUAL things he did and said and then explained how his approach made me feel. Which is MY RIGHT! Just like it’s the right of people to write positive reviews.

        5.PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH. You tell me to let people make their own mind up, and I can say the same thing to you. I wrote a review using FACTS of what was said and what was done at the event. I then gave MY OPINION on how those FACTS made me feel. I did NOT LIE. I DID NOT call him a SCAMMER, I DID not say his coaching can’t help anyone. So how about you let ME use my freedom of speech to write about MY OWN life experiences, and then how about you let people decide if they want to attend the MegaSpeaker after reading my review. Literally EVERY business has reviews, good and bad. People make decisions EVERYDAY based on reviews. If a product or service is very good then there shouldn’t be any issue with bad reviews. Do you see other businesses going around threatening to sue everyone who said something negative? No you don’t see it, because they let their service speak for itself.

        Here are the issues I didn’t like about his MegaSpeaker which I am ALLOWED to comment on:

        1. He told people to go into debt to buy his expensive coaching.
        2. He put women down for wanting to ask their husbands before buying his expensive coaching
        3. He put down Montreal and Montrealers
        4. He publicly humiliated a guest at his show just because he didn’t like something they said which made me feel VERY uncomfortable
        5. And he was rude to me by brushing me off when I tried to talk to him AND not looking at me, and not shaking hands. If you don’t care about those things then good for you, but guess what? Not everyone is YOU. Some people expect eye contact and hand shaking from a business man who is supposed to be showing people how to be better speakers and how to be better in business.
        6. And I think his tactic of paying tens of thousands of dollars to spend ten minutes with an aging celebrity as a way to promote oneself is not my thing unless there is relevance to the celebrity and the business. For example if I had a skateboard business and I had an interview with Tony Hawk (a famous skateboarder) then that would make sense to me. But just asking Al Pacino random questions regardless of my business is not for m me and doesn’t really seem like a viable way to sustain success long term. I could be wrong but his ways don’t resonate with me.

        If you would actually look at my blog you would see that my blog is about LIFE EXPERIENCES. That means, it doesn’t matter if it was a free event or not, I’m allowed to comment on the experiences in my own life just as you are allowed to.

        If a public figure has this much of a problem with public scrutiny then maybe he should not be in the public.

        I never said he was a scammer, I never said his coaching can’t help others. I said I didn’t like his personality or his approach, or the way he tried to manipulate people into spending money.

        The only reason why this has turned petty is because JT Foxx has been harassing me over ONE bad review. If my one bad review is ruining his business then maybe his business was not built on a very stable foundation to begin with because every business has good and bad reviews, however not all businesses go around threatening to sue because of a bad review.

  1. Currently at the mega speakers in Ottawa I see your point. But he has some good advice. Branding yourself does have some benefit. And, he is fairly entertaining.

    1. I’m glad you are enjoyed the MegaSpeaker in Ottawa. He did deliver some useful information which I mentioned in my article, but not really worth a full day with his off putting personality and certainly not worth paying $30,000 to spend a couple of days with the guy who I’d never even heard of until I saw the ad for this event, considering he’s so great at branding using celebrities. But this is my opinion only if you got a lot out of it and found it entertaining then I’m happy 🙂

  2. Thank you for your transparency. I have cancelled my registration based on your candid review. I am grateful that you shared your experience.

  3. Dear Nicki,
    thank you so much for sheering your experience with us. Actually I’m signed up for event in Berlin and even consider to cancel my vocation. My boyfriend wasn’t amused. Now I’m sure, I will cancel my registration.

    Even though I’m a foreigner in the country where i live and work, I use 2 languages from none of is my mother language.
    For years I thought of becoming speaker.

    In my business and private live I constantly motivate people, I give them strength and hope. Sometimes I thing I should became the Key note speaker, but I’m not sure if my languages are good enough….

    Maybe your blog is a good place to exchange opinion , motivate or find support from same thinking people.
    If you find it in Berlin, I’ll buy you a drink.
    Take care

    1. Thank you for your reply Dragana! First I’d like to say your English is quite good even though it is not your first language. I also think that if speaking is what you love to do then you could DEFINITELY do it! What’s important is that you are able to motivate people, and send a great message! With time your language skills will improve but it shouldn’t stop you from speaking now! I would love to return to Berlin again one day, so if I do I hope to meet you. Good luck!

  4. Thanks ladies and gentelmen for exposing the real jtf. I honestly did not like the way he looks. His energy is weird. He is coming to Dubai and I signed up for his event. Am not wasting my day on this guy. Thanks again.

  5. Hi Nicki! That’s a very helpful article. He’ll be in Amsterdam in few days and thus propped me to Google the event and the speaker. Yours is the second thorough<> feedback I have read. Thanks for having put a constructive article onto this. At least there were also some good stuff. I hope you got your refund by now. Cheers! Rojen

    1. I actually did receive my refund in a timely manner! Did you attend the seminar in the end? What did you think?

  6. Hi Nicki, Thanks for your insightful review, I agree with everything you’ve said.
    I’ve just left the seminar in Edinburgh, Scotland at the lunch time break. I was really enjoying the seminar and wishing I had the £500 for the DVD’s, which is meant to be a special price for Edinburgh only (sales tactic), until he said “it’s only £500, if you don’t have £500 in your bank account, I’m going to pray for you.” Half of the room laughed with him. I thought how arrogant and patronising and I left. His method of coaching is for rich people who want to get richer. The biggest takeaway I got from the first half of a seminar was have your picture taken with a celebrity and it will boost your profile. His whole method is based on a wildly expensive 2 second photo opportunity with Al Pacino.

  7. Firstly anyone that offers a course for free has always got something to try to sell you !

    Knowing this I attended JT Foxx’s MEGA speaker course today in Edinburgh.
    My intention, to listen to and take any golden nuggets of information away with me. There’s an old saying ‘Genius’s steal ideas.

    Yes I did get some golden nuggets and I thanked him for his time at the end of a long day. Without parting with a penny.

    What I witnessed today. I first sore in a market at the age of 9.

    What I watched was a very good sales presentation where you’re told an inflated prices and offered a product at a reduced amount, something that your good Sunday market traders have done for years. Yeap JT FOXX is no more than a rich market trader that uses impulse sales tactics to get people to by his products.

    As a seasoned and successful salesman of 20 years I have seen this type of sales many times. There are 5 main impact sales tactics that are used and these are.

    1.) Jones Effect
    2.) Indifference
    3.) Fear of Loss
    4.) Sense of Urgency
    5.) Greed Factor

    And I heard every one of these today.

    A well oiled sales process that earned JT an estimated £7,455 in CD sales and £60,000 in course bookings plus charge for membership of the millionaire network club.
    This is a conservative estimation based on the number of people I witnessed at the desk purchasing products. I think that may actually well be higher

    That’s a minimum of £67,455:00

    There are 13 more MEGA Speaker course before the end of June, do the maths !

    JT has a massively self inflated idea of his own celebrity states. Yes he’s made money which has enabled him to book celebrity’s to come along to his events ! Something he sells off the back of! This is not anything special ‘once a celebrity is know longer popular they make their money doing the speaker and convention circuit.’
    Anyone of these would come visit you at your house for the right money !

    What your offered is basically a coached sales process that will make you money in various ways and a network of like minded individuals around the world.

    He’s very good at what he does.
    Did I warm to him, NO
    Did I like him, NO

    At one point he was rude and racist, talked about an Asian guy who’s made a successful business with the help of JT Foxx in Norway.
    I guy he said, had struggled because in Norway everyone is white, and then said “how cool is that”!

    His body language was appalling and it was obvious from it that on occasions he was telling lies.

    If he were reading this I’d be branded negative by him, when actually I was a successful athlete and rugby player, business owner and already quite successful.
    I’ve seen his type before and witnessed people buy into this type of concept before.
    For some it will work, for a larger percentage that brought into the idea most will fail, however JT Foxx made a minimum £67,455:00 out of his audience today.

  8. Dear Nicki
    Many thx for sharing your exerience with us. I just made a little search about JT Foxx as his event is taking place tmrw in Berlin and somehow I wondered if I should get some info before going there. And c … I found u;))
    Btw @Dragana if there is a possibility to meet as we are both in berlin and with same interests about speaking and coaching I d love that.
    I m seriously thinking to skip the event tmrw. So u saved me lots of time and hussle dear Nicki and c…. U def are getting more followers 🙂 wishing u all the best and luck

  9. Dear Nicki
    Like you I blogged about one of these seminars. I gave a blow by blow report and said my readers should make up their own minds. I have been hounded by one of that man’s lawyers and ended up taking down the blogpost because I don’t have the money to fight for my rights to fair speech even though he really doesn’t have a case for defamation. Check out https://www.eff.org/issues/bloggers/legal/liability/230 in case you receive the same treatment. It’s probably only a matter of time until they find you since my blogpost recently disappeared from the front page of searches. I hope I wont be hounded for sending you this message.

  10. Hi there. I’m currently in Malaysia, and because FB dominates the nook and crannies of our internet, it suggested this event to me. I’d never heard of this guy before, and I do have to give him credit for great SEM. That said, from the one-pager about him, something felt off, so I searched him up, and a lot of the links are his own (red flag) and then yours and a few other blogs detailing pretty much the same.

    I figure if you go there filtering for lessons (some things useful, other on things NOT to do), you might learn something. That said, I decided not to attend simply because the time cost for me was too great and the inconvenience of getting to the location didn’t make sense.

    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Thanks Nicki, I’ve responded to so many personal development FB ads and have come to the conclusion that the market is saturated with BS it’s getting difficult to separate the wheat from the tares.

    There was an Aussie kid that had a youtube channel called “theLazyAssStoner”. He came accross as genuine and gave lots of value. Unfortunately he abruptly disappeared off the face of the web. What I found more alarming was the content he was sharing 3 years ago is what a lot of others are talking about today and selling at inflated prices.

    I registered for mega speak in Auckland on Aug 5. I might still go along with different intentions of course🤔

    By the you are an excellent writer. You covered the story with honesty that is very much appreciated.

    1. Hi Joe! Thanks for the compliment on my writing I appreciate it! I’d love to hear what you thought of the megaspeaker event! I hope you get something out of it.

  12. One of his ads found it’s way on my facebook page and I thought it sounded too good to be true. Seminars like those cost money and NOBODY bothers coming to Christchurch, New Zealand.
    Anyone wanting real information from a successful coach should check out Brendon Burchard and his suite of products. He has plenty of free content on his youtube channel. He is a little hyperactive and annoying but is one of the best instructors out there.

  13. Thank you Nicki, a very well written and accurate piece. i must admit that i too wasted Time and money on this Pure unadulterated BS

    1. I’m sorry to hear that you feel you wasted your time as well. I’m an optimist so I REALLY wanted to believe that the Mega Speaker event would be the “breakthrough” info I’d been needing. I even knew going in that there would be an upsell so I was actually open to his message. Unfortunately though his delivery and his personality just really turned me off. Thank you for leaving a comment.

  14. Great Blog Post. I attended a 1 day course in Jhb. Have the JTF foundation come after you yet for posting about it online ? There was quite a long disclaimer on the entry ticket email, one of the items stated I will not post any reviews online about this free event.

    I found the event far to long, with sitting from 9 – 12, then an hour break for lunch then we sat from 1 till 7, with 2 short breaks, we left at 7 before the next program kicked off. My biggest issue was him saying if you need to go into debt for his courses do it. To me that is a big red flag as there is no guarantees that his coaching will turn your business around. Debt is why so many people are in financial difficulties.

    Maybe his coaching has worked for other South African’s, I came across one who has published a book, on her website she has a pictures with a few famous people, obviously she paid to be in the coaching team. The first one was with her and JT, and JT with some of the celebs in a photo collage which is what the marketing person told us to do with the selfie with JT. I don’t get it, having a picture with a celebrity is not going to improve your personal brand overnight.

    I certainly was not in the market to purchase any of his products, I got some valuable food for thought but I would not sign up for any of his programs. It almost felt like a cult that one buys into. I do believe a business coach or a mentor is needed in business but I am sure there is qualified people in our own country one could use instead of taking our money and investing it in a foreigner who thinks he knows this country better than we do.

    1. Honestly when I attended there was no disclaimer about not reviewing the seminar, but the fact that he says that should be a huge red flag for anyone attending. All I can say is I hope that people who do engage in his services actually get something out of it. Thank you the compliment on my post and thank you for your comment!

  15. Hi Nicki,
    I’m ashamed to admit that I have attended his seminar on 28th February in Perth and purchased his CDs, his charity tie! his iPhone app and on the top purchased a coaching program in Sydney for $6500!!!
    After a month when I listened to CDs and realized what a total waste of time and money it has been, I have requested a refund on coaching program which will be in December 2017 in Sydney (did not ask for refund on CD, tie and app as I have used them…)I am shocked to say they refused to pay me back! even though it is due to be delivered!
    I felt I am not a right person in their organization but after this refusal, I have concluded that I have been scammed! any advice would be appreciated on how can I get my money back?!

    1. Hello thanks for reading and replying. Please send me a private message and I’ll give you what advice I can.

      1. Hi Nicki,
        Thanks for posting your review, the exact same sponsored advert appeared on my Facebook timeline, I then googled and found your review, thank you I won’t be wasting my time on this guy, sounds like a fraud to me.

        1. Hi Andrew thanks for the compliment on my blog and thanks for commenting!

          Well for legal purposes I can not say he is a fraud. And to be honest I can’t say for sure whether or not he is one. Maybe he has helped people.

          I just know that his demeanor, his style, and his methods do not ring true to me (and apparently many others as well). To me he comes across as insincere and like someone trying to pull a fast one.

          I must be sure to always say it’s only “my opinion” based on my first hand experience otherwise I risk getting hit with a slander lawsuit. One woman who had a similar experience to mine and who blogged about it was later bullied into taking down her negative review and was threatened with a possible lawsuit.

          So I just want to be clear to say this is my opinion only 😉

    2. Hi, You’ve just confirmed for me that I won’t be going to the ‘free’ event in Brisbane tomorrow!
      I did attend a free event this Saturday gone by Speakers Institute. I can’t endorse them as being worthy of an investment because I had to leave before the sales pitch to the bootcamp at the end however, from what I saw Sam was very genuine and gave a lot of value in the free seminar.

  16. Hi Everyone,
    wow! this is an honest no BS blog. I attended one of J.T Fs’ event in Germany. It is a finely orchestrated unscrupulous hypnotic selling and marketing campaign aimed at taking advantage of the unwary of the powerful effects of the manipulation techniques involved!
    They take your money in big and small amount through events, empty promises, video/audio program or a tie for 100€ :-)! A standard modern sales trick! The funny thing is the tricks work for the gullible, vulnerable and greedy who want to sell hypes and get rich quick through scamming others instead of genuine care and services for others. It’s all about money, money, money no soul, no humanity no genuine authentic service. It is just a sales and marketing machine of a driven empty man who is money, success and fame hungry.

  17. Oh man, I have taken a days’ annual leave to attend an event tomorrow in Brisbane. my bullshitadar was tingling when I saw his adverts but thought it couldnt be that bad. Reading your review and others I’m guessing it is. Also, I noticed that he has a youtube video titled “how to make a viral video” which was published a couple of years ago (you’d guess as the WORLDS NO1 anything he’d have a few views right?) 1,542 views!

  18. Hi Nicki,

    Great blog you have. I attended the same event in Melbourne, Australia yesterday and at the end i was quite confused by it all. I have an open mind(I’m involved in MLM), so i like you stayed until almost the end. After reading your blog i found so many similarities and i am now glad i didn’t buy anything. I had a feeling fear of missing out this morning but after finding this i feel a lot better.

    I plan on attending a Tony Robbins conference next year, i will be really interested to see if JT Foxx’s name or picture comes up considering JT claims they share each others photos together at their events. I doubt it very much considering how well respected Tony is. Good reason why most of us have never heard of him before.

    Keep up the writing, you have a talent. 🙂

    1. Hi Ben,
      First of all thanks for the compliment on my writing I appreciate that!

      And second thanks for commenting! Honestly if JT Foxx didn’t resonate with you then that should serve as added reassurance that you aren’t missing out on anything. I feel strongly that a mentor needs to be someone you like and trust and it should definitely be someone whose advice, processes and methods ring true to you.

      I would love the chance to hear Tony Robbins speak live so good for you! I hope have fun and get a lot out of the Tony Robbins seminar.

  19. I would like my money back also. Please email me with ideas. Thanks a million for your blog. I attended an event in Scottsdale, Arizona and had the same experience.

    1. Have you already been refused a refund? What did the small print say on whatever you signed? I only bought CDs and they actually did refund me in a timely manner. Is there a phone number or email address on your invoice? I’d start with that. Good luck! Send me a private message if this doesn’t work.

  20. Great blog you have. I attended the same event in Melbourne, Australia yesterday and at the end i was quite confused by it all. I have an open mind(I’m involved in MLM), so i like you stayed until almost the end. After reading your blog i found so many similarities and i am now glad i didn’t buy anything. I had a feeling fear of missing out this morning but after finding this i feel a lot better.
    Oh man, I have taken a days’ annual leave to attend an event tomorrow in Brisbane. my bullshitadar was tingling when I saw his adverts but thought it couldnt be that bad. Reading your review and others I’m guessing it is. Also, I noticed that he has a youtube video titled “how to make a viral video” which was published a couple of years ago (you’d guess as the WORLDS NO1 anything he’d have a few views right?) 1,542 views!
    Thanks for posting your review, the exact same sponsored advert appeared on my Facebook timeline, I then googled and found your review, thank you I won’t be wasting my time on this guy, sounds like a fraud to me.

    1. Thank you. This review may not be up for very long. I am being bullied into taking it down by JT Foxx and his attorney.

  21. Dear Nicki,

    What an utterly brilliant response to the intimidation you have endured. This provides an even clearer insight into Foxx’s character than your excellent original post did. Bravo!

  22. I signed up to attend his free event next month but this morning when I received an email with a video he asked registrants to watch, I found it interesting that he had a big beefy security guy behind him and felt the need to say, “Got my big security Zeus here who’s ready to protect me”. I thought why would he need to say that? so then I began to do the research (which I should have done before I registered) and found your blog. Yeah, not going.

    Thank you for your review (or altered post now) and I’m sorry that you have been bullied by someone who claims to be all that and a bag of chips.

    1. Hi Terri, thanks for reading my blog post. Unfortunately JT Foxx is trying to blame me for people not showing up to his event, however it’s his own words and actions that caused me to write the review in the first place, and he also does a lot on his own to turn people off before they even get there (i.e. the beefy security guard in the back), another person found it odd that he now has a clause that you aren’t allowed to review the event. Honestly anyone who reads my post and feels that its not for them would have never been a client of his anyway. Either you like his type of personality or you don’t.

  23. Nicki, you’re the best! This post both angered me and made me laugh. You’re a great writer, and I admire your persistence in a tough situation. Sorry you had to go through all of this.

    I registered to go to this event in San Diego, but haven’t confirmed my spot yet. I’m a small business owner which makes it very, very difficult to take an entire day away from my work. I’ve done it before for things like this and have been very disappointed to find out it was not what I hoped and ended up being a giant sales pitch. I am so grateful to have this information.

    Clearly, there are some people who connected with this company and it’s message. That’s great! But it is absolutely insane that a business owner and their representatives would put you through all of this over an honest review. It’s your opinion and don’t even get me started issues of free speech 🙂

    Speaking from my own failures and experiences, when I get negative feedback or have an upset customer, I make it my mission to correct the behavior or systems that caused said issue, and I truly take their input and comments to heart. I would NEVER respond to a review or feedback in this manner.

    Props to you for doing what you had to do to protect yourself from potential legal action, but still doing what you could to stand your ground and not be bullied into silence. We need more people like you!

    1. Hey Jamie,
      Thanks for your support. I just received yet ANOTHER letter from another of his lawyers. I really can’t believe that I’m getting all of this lashback from one honest review. But hey just to be fair you may want to read the latest comment on this thread from a woman who says that JT Foxx has helped her to triple her income in just 12 months by following exactly what he has said in his coaching. She also posted some links to positive reviews. You may change your mind. I was always ever wanting people to know that my review was my opinion and I made that clear in the review. I told people to make up their own mind by doing their own research. So whatever you decide to do (whether you go or not) I hope it works out for you and I wish you all the best in success and life 🙂

      1. Hi Nicki, I’m so sorry you’re still being hounded. It speaks volumes about the kind of people you are dealing with. Thank you for staying strong. It may interest you and your readers to find out how JT Foxx himself describes his attitude to the legally protected right to free speech. Please note that the world “haters” is used synonymously with “critics.”

        “Now these haters will claim they have a right to express their opinions and exercise their freedom of speech. This is where my lawyers and I beg to differ. You can say what you want but be prepared to spend $250,000 to defend yourself in court with filings, depositors and a trial. “

  24. Thank you, Nicki, for your brilliant honest and transparent blogpost regarding JT Foxx. I saw his ad in FACEBOOK… the mega vehicle for all things Advertisement. LOL I ALWAYS do my research about anything and anyone I may have an interest in. So, your blogpost helped me. I BELIEVE you. Hey, it works for some and does not work for others. One thing I AM CERTAIN OF… if a person disrespects, intimidates, manipulates or hesitates…. most likely, they are not the best ethical business person. Hey, they may have the money in the pockets… but that does NOT IMPRESS ME. You don’t have to spend thousands to make thousands. BRAVO TO YOU, NICKI !

    1. Thank you Jackie. Sadly him and his lawyer see my article (past and current) as defamation. Unfortunately defamation is when you lie about a person to the point that it ruins their business and or reputation. But I didn’t lie about anything I even gave EXAMPLES of each thing he said or did that caused me to be turned off by him. I even made friends at the event that can vouch for everything I say, I even have people who left comments to this post who attended the event in cities around the world that agree with what I wrote. So I’m trying to understand how writing an honest review can be seen as defamation.

      If they bring me to court I will have to gather as much support from people who attended the event and who can attest to what I say as the truth.

  25. Hi Nicci, thank you for the information. I must say I wanted to write sonra about him but he warned us to sue with his 18 lawyers at the event I attended for two days ago. I totaly think he is a scum. Yes, he told few good ideas but you can get these if you searched little bit on the internet. I wanted to ask a question and I really hard to catch an eye contact- I realized he was avoiding doing that on purpose. So, as soos as I found he was quite for second, I asked my question. He wasn’t happy at all. Mostly, we watched his success at prepared commercial videos. I am sure some peole needs to pay thousands of dollars to boost their confidence and they are happy with the amount; but most people want to sign up for business purposes. I asked him all these successful people – the one worked withJT- had already business to grow or some kind of profession to expand. What can you do dor woman like me, who has very good education but sitting at home for private reasons and has no money? He wasnt happt with my question, he turned his back and rumbled few things and said ge doesnt like to be asked. questions. Well, body, if you ask my money you better answer the questions. He didn’t reply mine. He only mentions few A-list paid actors and all people who become his students, train around them. Have a picture, show on media,( not mass media thoug) boom you are somebody. If I want to do it, I hire top ad agency or pay secretly to a magazine journalist, I reach my goal. Bottom line: I read so many negative reviews about him before I went to event. I hesitated of course but I am my own person so I decided to go to make a decision. I was very very open minded. I was disappointed when he used all tricks like left or right sitting position. Or there are more women than men ( by the way the event was during the week and all day) . I didn’t expect him to give me secret knowledge that he claimed but I expected him to give me some serious anecdotes instead of hearing his tie jokes. He says he owns 59 companies. It is not a rocket science how he got those partnerships – with know how card exchange of partnership I assumed. I can’t say anything about his personality. I don’t know him. I can only talk about the event I attended. It wasn’t successful to me. I think he talked colorfull bullshit. Yet, he is his own success to make millions of dollars so good for him. Oh! He kept sayin ” the world and no one is interested for your problems or what you did. They ask ” what is in it for me””.. So, in his event he shows ho he is but he doesn’t tell what it is in for me. Also, he talkes giving to charity so what is it in it for me? It is your heart, your redeem, your relationship with God! No need to tell! I am glad I found a place to write this. I am not a hater ( he said he hates haters🤣🤣) but I am logical person not take his bullshitt and bullying.

    1. It is sad when you get labelled a “hater” simply because you use your freedom of speech to express your opinion with ligitimate reasons.

  26. You know I searched for reviews on this man and his seminar and your was the only one. I wonder how many other people he has intimidated when they dont like his show. Thanks so much for this blog. I would love to read your original post but the true integrity of this man and his show is how he treated you and his Tump”ish” like, irrational fear of honest review. He sounded ike a bully and I hate a bully…. good for you Niki…
    Thanks I wont be attending anytime soon.

    1. I know of a few bloggers that he has contacted for them to take down their reviews. I know that at least one took hers down because she didn’t feel a lawsuit was worth it.

  27. Nicki, thanks. I am sorry you were harassed by him. I did not connect with him as he set off the juvenile and abusive warning bells. I wish you great joy and success.

  28. Thank you so much for this! I was due to attend his event in 2 days time in Barcelona. I somehow expected that he would be the type of character that you mention and only going after peoples money with nasty sales tactics. I was ready to cancel a job that I had to do that day. But now I realise that this type of person is not worth my time! There are many more motivational speakers that are true to themselves and give out great advise to genuinely help people from all different backgrounds and not just to scrupulously take money from them. How dare he be prepared to make people go into debt! People like this need to be stopped!
    You are a brilliant writer, and I sure your post has helped many people – thank you! x

    1. Well just to be fair, and to prove I’m not just trying to randomly put someone down, there is a woman in this comments thread who claims she has had great success using JT Foxx as her coach, she said she tripled her income. I don’t know if it’s legit or not. But it doesn’t change the fact that I think he is a bully as proved by the fact that he harasses anyone who puts up a negative review about him, and threatens them with legal action. I’m one of many. I’m trying to hold out as long as possible and this might actually turn into an expensive legal battle, but I’m prepared to stand up for free speech. I think anyone who holds events where he wants people to spend thousands of dollars deserves to be reviewed, and if its negative he should either change his approach or take it like a man. Instead he just bullies people into taking down their opinions based on factual events at his MegaSpeaker. If you found the email that he sent me, which I posted as appalling as I did, then you probably wouldn’t have liked his style either.

      1. As you know Nicki, I’m one of the bloggers who dared to write a fair and reasonable review and for that I was threatened with legal action. It’s not my nature to back down from bullies and immoral people but I’m going through a very challenging phase in my life right now and I have no financial or emotional resources to defend free speech. I applaud you for hanging in there as I so wish I could do the same. It’s not surprising this person is a friend of the most appalling president. The minute this ‘person’ is convicted of illegal activity of any sort our deleted blogposts can go back up as almost all comments on them appreciate clear and honest reviews which serve as a warning for most. I’m not a ‘hater’ just someone with a brain capable of seeing through the bullshit.

        BTW I tried to leave a warning on his Facebook posts but this provoked a landslide of positive publicity written by or paid for by him to swamp any negative comments on social media. It’s effective, especially when the guy just doesn’t care who he hurts and in the meantime we people who see through it all have better things to do than give more attention and energy to him. Hang in there until you judge it time to make a dignified exit.

        1. I understand your position in regards to not wanting to get into a legal battle with someone with more resources to keep it ongoing than you. I did the same, but he can’t sue me for posting an email he sent me, an email which I think proves many of my points on his character that I had made in the original review. I will go as far as I can, and if I run out of money I will continue just representing myself until the end. He wants to sue me for millions over a bad review, in my opinion that speaks volumes about his character and integrity. Everything I mentioned in my review was backed with an EXAMPLE of something he did or said, so I don’t get why he thinks this is defamation. Basically in his mind, anyone who doesn’t like his approach or his sales tactics is defaming him. Hey there may be plenty of people who have succeeded with his seminars and coaching, in my original review I even said that people have to go and decide for themselves. What he doesn’t understand (which is odd for a sales/business person) is that anyone who agrees with my post is most likely NOT his target audience anyway. Why not just focus on the ones who do like his “I’ll stomp anyone who even tries to touch me attitude” and sell to them.

          Frances can I count on you if I need a sworn document for you to corroborate that everything I said in my post regarding what goes on at a MegaSpeaker is in fact true an not defamation? I already have people willing to help but the more the better.

  29. Nicki, be careful posting emails if he has a disclaimer warning at the bottom of his emails saying they are confidential and not intended for public use.

  30. Wow, talk about narcissistic behavior. I saw a couple of pictures taken with him on one of my fb friend’s new business page. My friend posted that, in about 2 weeks something big was going to happen. I decided to look this guy up and saw a video about his program being a scam. Of course it was a video from his camp talking about his “integrity”. He should know that any business venture won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, and that he should have thicker skin with the type of business he is in. Who spends this much energy trying to bring down a handful of people who are voicing their opinions? Please continue to write honest, thought-provoking items. I have just found a new blogger to follow. Thanks, Nicki.

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