Apparently the hell that was the the last free seminar I attended wasn’t enough to deter me from attending yet another one just one week later. This time it was the Independent Woman Financial Freedom Workshop! This one was a lot more digestible at only 2hrs rather than the whole day affair that was the last workshop I attended.  It was actually my cousin who brought this ladies financial freedom workshop to my attention, and being someone who could definitely use some financial guidance I was instantly interested. I also kind of think I’m a workshop junkie who gets easily excited.


I liked the fact that this was a women’s only workshop, I was expecting a much more relaxed vibe, a space where us women could be all kumbaya in sharing our desires to be financially free. Here’s what the workshop promised to teach us:

Topics Covered:
1.Why women are natural wealth creators
2.How to create multiple streams of revenue
3.How to find opportunities in any economic climate
4.How to develop the inner confidence to become an investor
5.How to build financial freedom for yourself and still have time for family and friends

That’s a lot to cover in just 2 hours but I was optimistic.

I wasn’t quite sure as to what the workshop was going to be about, but based on those talking points I thought it was going to give us ideas on what type of side work we could take on to earn extra money.  Or even better, since exchanging time for money as one does in most conventional jobs as an employee is not really an ideal way to make money, I thought maybe we’d discuss ideas on how to come up with unconventional work that we could do to earn passive income.  I also thought they’d teach us about what types of stocks or businesses to invest our money in.  Investing is something I’d love to do, but I have to admit I’m a bit of a puss when it comes to that. I know most investments are risky but without any knowledge I just can’t bring myself to jump in. And a financial planner at a bank is the last person I’d trust when it comes to investing. Just try asking one to show you their portfolio to prove they know what their doing with your money.  Chances are most of them have nothing impressive to show you.

What the workshop actually ended up being about was REAL ESTATE!  The answers to number 2 and 5 of the talking points I listed above was real estate and the rest basically weren’t covered.  To me this seemed a little ‘cart before the horse-ish’, after all I’m here to learn HOW to make money, without it how could I possibly invest in real estate?

However, Nicole Di Braccio, the lovely host of this workshop, assured us there are ways for people with little to no money to still break into the real estate game, namely using the wholesaling or assigning method.  Wholesaling is when you buy a property for below market value and then sell for a profit (whether flipped or not), and assigning is where you sign a contract with a seller saying you will buy the property but then you go ahead and sell the contract to an investor who ends up being the one to actually buy the property rather than you.  I’ve read that many people think that assigning is unethical (and in some places is illegal apparently) because you essentially draw up the contract so that you have an ‘out’ should you be unable to find a buyer for the property, which is seen as being weasley.  This wastes the seller’s time and they may even end up starting the procedures on buying a new place and signing a contract of their own believing you are going to buy their house. However if you’re transparent and tell the seller up front that you won’t actually be the one to buy the house and that you are going to be talking to your investors and assuming you actually have buyers lined up – which you should – then there shouldn’t be an issue. Then there is also the ‘bird-dogging’ route where you simply find a deal, tell an investor and then get a fee for leading them to the deal.  Obviously assigning contracts and bird dogging are not long term goals in the real estate game but are good ways to get your foot in the door and make extra money until you can buy your own property.

Like anything it takes work, a lot of work to scope out good real estate deals, especially in a city like Montreal where the market is pretty strong.  You aren’t going to find all kinds of houses in foreclosure and selling for dirt cheap like you can in the States. Not to mention  95% of people list with MLS, so where would someone like me fit into the equation when the investors can just cut the middle man (me) and look on MLS themselves.

BUT all hope is not lost, Nicole said that there are ways to fish out that 5% of homes that aren’t already listed on MLS which piqued my interest and got me ready for the inevitable upsell.  In this case the upsell was a two day workshop to go into greater depth on how to wholesale, assign and bird dog (among other real estate investing strategies) effectively in Montreal. Here’s the thing though, the price of the course was $500.  They threw an Acer Iconia 7 (which they claimed was worth $500 on it’s own when in reality you can find it online for $80), a 30 minute one on one coaching session with a real estate pro, and the opportunity to bring a guest for free to sweeten the deal.

The thing is, while I was more than ready to learn how to earn multiple streams of revenue, I wasn’t ready to invest in multiple streams of scamming, and since I’d just spent $500 for DVDs that I was now trying to return from the seminar I attended last week I didn’t feel it wise to spend yet another $500 on an upsell at another workshop.  I was about to let it go and walk away.

Some people were lucky because if you’d attended one of their workshops in the past then you could attend the upcoming two day workshop for just $97, a lot more reasonable but I’d never attended any of their past training so I put it out of a my head.  But a savvy business woman sitting beside me struck up a deal.  She said that she’d attended one of their trainings in the past giving her the opportunity to attend the next one for only $97.  The option to bring a guest for free still applied so she made the offer to me to pay the $97 and I could go as her guest.  That was smart on her part, now she gets to go for free, and I get an 80% discount.  I figured I could spare $100 to see if they have some decent information at the two day workshop.

After this two day workshop I think I’m done with workshops for awhile though.  The free ones just never seem to deliver what they promise and the upsell workshop where they promise to give you more in depth information usually ends up being out of my budget, and if I do splurge pay for the upsell workshop I just get bombarded with a ton of information that leaves me baffled and overwhelmed and full of questions to the point that I don’t do anything with all the info anyway. Unless I want to pay even MORE for yet another upsell workshop that will now promise to clarify all the crap I just learned so that I can actually put it to practical use.  It never ends.

Anyway, I’m still hopeful that this next workshop I paid for will give me some practical info to get started as a little to no money down person looking to invest in real estate.  I’ll keep you posted on how it goes!

Wait! What’s this? Tony Robbins is doing a workshop in Montreal? 🙂

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