At the beginning of the year I shared some goals that I'd like to achieve by the end of the year.  I even held a mini goal setting event of my own where I invited some ladies to start the year off on a positive note by setting some goals for ourselves.  Well, just as important as setting goals is tracking and reviewing them to see what's working and whats not and to readjust as necessary to make sure we are on track.

What gets measured gets done.

Now that we are just about halfway through the year (oh how time flies) I think it’s a great time to see how I’ve been doing.

Below are the goals I shared in my ‘Start The Year Right With Goal Setting’ post along with an update and how I can improve or if the goal is even still relevant.

So you don’t get confused, I’m trying the approach of writing out my goals in the present tense, it’s not that I’ve actually accomplished it already.

Goal: I have easily saved $12,000 for my summer trip and my big trip at the end of December 2017

Mid Year Update: As of now I have $3000 saved. I know what you’re thinking, at this rate I’ll never save $12,000 by the end of the year.  The thing is, When I made this goal I was making a lot more money than I make now and wasn’t planning on quitting.  While quitting was the best thing I could have done for both my health and happiness, it did put a damper on my travel plans.  As a result I am no longer taking the summer trip although that one was a bust anyway because my would be travel companion now has to use her savings on cat surgery so it kinda worked out. I’m now only focussing on the one big trip at the end of the year. When I say “big” trip I mean something that is a month or longer and out of the country.  Also, being the optimistic person that I am I haven’t ruled out the possibility of a lucrative opportunity presenting itself, allowing me to actually reach my goal of having $12,000 in my savings account by the end of the year.

To Be Improved:  Go back to following the budget I set out for myself because right now excessive eating out is limiting the amount of money I can put aside.

Goal: I can easily hold a freestanding handstand for 15 seconds

Mid Year Update: I was starting from scratch with this goal. My illogical fear of inversions rooted in nothing but unfamiliarity and being outside of my comfort zone has caused me to progress very slowly.  From nothing I went to walking up towards the wall and then onto the scarier (to me anyway) kicking up to the wall.  In the video you can see I can’t even keep my body straight.

Well I’m really trying to feel the “sweet spot”balancing point in my handstand. The other day I actually held a handstand for about 3 seconds (I wish I taped it) WITHOUT having a wall behind me, however I did have a thick mat on the floor which I crashed down on after those glorious 3 seconds. But I thought I felt what position I was supposed to be in. Now I lost it again and couldn’t even get 1 second of air time. Hollow body in handstand is hard for me to do. Just sharing the good and the not so good times! #handstand #wallhandstand #buildmuscle #gymlife #balance #hollowbody #calisthenics #strength #strongwoman #happy #love #movement #movementculture #montreal #fitgirls #friday #motivation #inspiration #fitnessmotivation

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And from there I’ve FINALLY upgraded to practicing WITHOUT using a wall as a safety net.


To Be Improved: Practice handstands at every workout rather than the 3 times a week that I currently practice.

Goal: To expertly perform a front lever

Mid Year Update: This goal is no longer relevant to me, I do some progressions and exercises that will help support performing a front lever, but I don’t focus on it enough that I believe I would be able to achieve it (let alone expertly) by the end of the year.

Goal: I can easily perform a muscle up

Mid  Year Update: I’ve had to do many a pull up and dip just to be able to perform the jump muscle up.

I’ve since worked my way up to the more challenging progression: the band assisted muscle up.

To Be Improved:
 Practice more band assisted muscle ups. Buy a thicker band so that I can do more repetitions and then work my way down to thinner bands until I’m not using one at all. Put it even more pull up and dip work to further strengthen my foundation.

Goal: I happily and easily post two articles a month on Blackbird Fly as well as practicing my writing daily

Mid Year Update: Except for last month where I had computer issues and only published one article I have been doing the two post a month thing.  Technically I am writing everyday thanks to my morning ritual journal writing, but when I initially set that goal I was talking more about creative writing for the blog or for a book or short story rather than just journal writing.

To Be Improved:  I accept my journal writing as part of the daily writing but I want to make sure at least a few times a week my writing is for creative purposes.

Conclusion: All in all I think I’m still on the right path because I have made progress in all areas,  it’s just that I could be taking the less scenic route on this journey.  If I follow what I’ve written in the “to be improved” section then I definitely think it will help me to finish the year strong and get off the scenic route and onto the highway.

How are you doing with your goals and New Year’s resolutions?

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