This is post is long overdue but better late than never.

I’m always looking for affordable and fun things to do in the city of Montreal, and a baking class with Jessica of Lincoln Apartment Bakery didn’t disappoint as an inexpensive and entertaining way to spend an afternoon. I went with my cousin Amanda for a girly day of baking and socializing.


We were a small group of five women in the cozy venue above a charming little bakery in Verdun. Now if what you’re after is to learn how to be a master baker and perfect how to make intricate roses made out of sugar to place atop a five layer wedding cake, then this isn’t that type of class. But, if what you want is a great way to spend an afternoon, talking, laughing and learning a new (or familiar) recipe then Lincoln Apartment Bakery is the class for you.


From the classic to the exotic, Jessica, the charming founder and teacher at Lincoln Apartment Bakery has an impressive repertoire of recipes sure to delight anyone’s taste buds. She also offers baking hacks to make baking life easier.



I loved the down to earth atmosphere and Jessica’s passion for baking shines through in her warm personality as we all pitched in and helped create our scones, and Irish soda bread.


Me and Amanda tried the class out just to do something different, but what’s cool is it’s a great activity for any occasion really; a kids birthday party, bachelorette party, a date (yes guys start to be more creative with your date ideas, Netflix and chill is so last year), a Mother’s Day outing just to name a few.


AND the deliciousness doesn’t end with the class, because at the end of it all you get to take home a goody bag of your treats.


As soon as the weather gets nice (because I’m still in hibernation mode) I plan to hit up Lincoln Apartment Bakery again, I’m waiting for Japanese Cheesecake to make it’s way into the rotation once more (hint,hint Jessica).


Have you been? Did you love it? What goodies did you make?

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2 thoughts on “Lincoln Apartment Bakery”

  1. It was a great day. Better than I anticipated. It’s actually great that you posted this now because I almost forgot about it and it is the PERFECT timing for, like you said, a Mother’s Day activity!!!

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