Were you wondering why I changed my Instagram handle from blckbrd79 to blackbrd_tribarta?  Probably not, but I’m going to tell you anyway; so an amazing thing happened to me not too long ago. I was asked by Sylla to join Tribarta, The Elite Calisthenics Team in Montreal.  Tribarta was conceived by Tavin Khampo, Fabien Bellanger, Xavier Tisserot and Sylla in the summer of 2012.  Just a bunch of guys passtionate about calisthenics and coaching others.  By the way, all of the founding fathers are trainers as are most of the Elite members of Tribarta.

Sylla’s group training schedule. His sessions are for all levels because he can progress or regress the exercises to fit everyone’s needs. Check him out on Instagram @syllaman_tribarta

For those of you who don’t know what calisthenics is here is a quick definition. It’s simplest definition is that calisthenics is a word to describe bodyweight exercises. So if you’ve squatted or done push ups for example then you’ve done calisthenics.

Some depth comes to the meaning when you take into consideration that the word calisthenics has it’s roots in the Greek language with “kallos” meaning beauty and “sthenos” meaning strength; making the goal for most serious calisthenics practitioners to execute moves with control and grace as per it’s Greek meaning.

Street workout is the name given to those performing calisthenics in parks usually on the bars.  Here you will often see weights being used to make exercises more challenging, and as a way to break plateaus in the body weight version of the exercise.

There are many different “styles” of calisthenic practitioners.  Some are military style calisthenics practitioners, they just want to keep upping their reps in pull ups, push ups, dips and muscle ups, they usually don’t get too fancy.  Others practice their push ups, pull ups and dips as a foundation to get to more advanced moves like the planche, or levers for example.

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Above is Martin of Tribarta doing a straddle planche, one of the more advanced moves in calisthenics. Check him out on Instagram @martin_tribarta

Then there are some who take it a step further and throw acrobatics and athleticism into the mix by dynamically going from one move to the next, check out the clip below to see what I’m talking about.

However, Tribarta promotes diversity and doesn’t focus on any one style.  Tribarta is more than just a team, it’s a fitness movement with members who are passionate about movement in all it’s forms; from animal flow (as you will see in the clip below), to classic bodyweight training, to bodybuilding, to gymnastics and more.  They prefer diversity over specialisation.

Now, I’m obviously no where near an “Elite” calisthenics practitioner. The Elite members are the ones doing competitions. I’m just a padawan among Jedi’s, trying to get my strength up to one day be able to do some cool sh*t.  So obviously I was not invited onto the team because of my experience.  What I lack in experience I make up for in potential and desire.  I’m also pretty coachable and my progress shows that I’ve been working the programs Sylla has created for me. Sylla also felt the team could use more female faces and that I’d be a good rep for the team because I’m always promoting healthy living, calisthenics and fitness on my Instagram feed which you can check out  @blckbrd_tribarta.  And that my friends is how I made the team 🙂

Now that I’m on the team I plan on making the most of it and learning as much as I can from all of the members.  Take a look below to see just a few of our very talented members.

Above is a clip of Mathieu one of the trainers on the Tribarta team. I think he’s great when it comes to flexibility and mobility. Check him out on Instagram @mateo_tribarta

Above is a clip of Arnaud a trainer with Tribarta showing us that fancy equipment is not needed to get in a good calisthenics workout. Check him out on Instagram @thegrave_tribarta

Above is Vince another awesome coach, going from V-sit to handstand. Impressive right? Check him out on Instagram @vcenzo_tribarta

Above is Marie doing a workout on the rings.  She isn’t a trainer but she’s definitely got skills and strength! Check her out on Instagram @marie_tribarta.
What I want to contribute as a member is the usage of my social media, my blog and word of mouth to promote Tribarta in a positive way and spread awareness about the benefits of calisthenics whenever I can.  I would also love to help out at events and even behind the scenes admin stuff if they ever need it.  I also kind of feel like now it’s my “duty” to train because I’m representing a team.

So far I’ve only been to one team meeting.  I haven’t even met all of the members yet but from what I understand the crew wants to take Tribarta to the  the next level by bringing more awareness to Tribarta as an Elite team and promoting calisthenics as a great way to stay physically and mentally fit for people of all ages and abilities.

Showcasing team talent by entering competitions is already one the ways the team is earning its place in the world of calisthenics.  Just recently Tribarta’s Teari Bret came in third place at the 2017 Coney Island Freestyle competition.

Some future endeavours include collaborating with schools and other community organizations to promote the discipline of calisthenics and fitness in general, rekindling an old youtube page and a website (which I’d love to help out with *hint hint*).

Group photo of Tribarta members and other friends at the Day of Movement held at Jean-Brillant park. I was there and had a blast but sadly I had to leave early and missed out on being in on this fantastic photo op.

But you don’t need to be part of a team to progress in calisthenics. There are so many amazing resources online and in the form of apps for people of all levels.  You can also just show up at a calisthenics park, it’s always a great community and vibe with people ready to help and give you advice and even share their equipment (especially Tribarta members)! So don’t be intimidated by all the buff topless dudes dominating the dip bars, if you just walk over and say hey they will welcome you! OR if you prefer some real coaching tailored to your needs then get in touch with Tribarta for a personal training session or a group session! Leave a message on their Facebook page!

It’s not everyday that a person gets not one, but many mentors in their field of interest so I feel beyond lucky.  I look forward to seeing where my alliance with Tribarta will take me.

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