As promised here is my post on the Passion Planner agenda that I recently bought.  I pretty much LOVE it, and I’m not just saying that because I’m an agenda, journal and notebook lovin freak.  This really is a beautiful product.

So here are the details of the one I bought:

8.5″ x 11″ ‘Birds and Bees’ blush color agenda – $25

To be honest I would have preferred the black one with no design but it was sold out, and the Birds and Bees agenda was on sale for $25.  Even at that price, once the conversion to Canadian and shipping and handling were factored in it came to about $46.  Still worth it in my opinion.

The first thing I noticed about the agenda was it’s outstanding quality.  The cover is very sturdy with a beautifully engraved design depicting birds and bees and the pages are made with 100% recycled paper.

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The first few pages of the agenda are dedicated to telling you how to best use it (yeah I know an agenda with an instruction manual, but it’s not that complicated I promise).  First thing you do is brainstorm goals and write them down in the agenda.  Then you choose the top 3 or 4 goals to focus on throughout the year. Next, you create what they call ‘Passion Plans’, which are basically roadmaps (steps you can take) to achieve each goal.

See what’s inside by scrolling through using the bar at the bottom of the planner below.

The agenda gives you a monthly overview as well as a weekly one.  I personally really love having a monthly overview in addition to an either weekly or daily planning section, I felt my old planner was missing that. There is designated space to write in your focus of the week, your personal and work projects, and a blank spot for doodling, notes or anything you want really. You have weekly inspirational quotes, a place to write down what went well that week as well as place to reflect on your accomplishments of the month.  There’s a pocket at the back to hold loose papers and something I really appreciate is that there is tons of blank and grid paper at the back of the agenda for your vision board and ideas.

Something else I really respect about the Passion Planner company is that they’re all about paying it forward; with their ‘Get One Give One’ program, which is where they donate a planner for every one bought. And, their referral program where if you refer three friends to buying the planner you get a free one.  I promise I’m not trying to seduce you guys into buying it, nor do I get any kickback from promoting this planner on my blog. I just really love this planner is all 🙂

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I say a regular agenda is definitely better than no agenda, but if you’re like me and like the fancy ones, then I’d highly recommend the Passion Planner! their website even comes with tons of advice on how to get the best out of your planner which I really appreciated, because I’ll admit when I first cracked it open I was a little overwhelmed. But only a little… and in a good way.

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