Why Online Marketing?
Lately I’ve been trying my hand at online marketing as a way to earn an income and eventually be my own boss!

The reasons why I’d love to be successful at online marketing is because it meets my criteria of being a career that I could do from anywhere in the world, and that can generate passive income (the less I have to work for my money the better). I’d love to be able to go back to Thailand and train Muay Thai for a few months again, without worrying about a job that I have to get back to. I also love that I can incorporate my love of writing into online marketing.

Most people who I tell about this new venture, and my reasons for wanting to make it work look at me like I’m crazy.  They think I’m being unrealistic, should just get a “regular” job and stop wasting my time with this online stuff.  Honestly, not so long ago I thought the same things, even though I was totally turned on by the laptop lifestyle and intrigued by online marketing itself, I just never thought I could do it, but the more I read books on self-mastery the more my perspective on life changed.  These books made me start asking myself “why not?” rather than telling myself there’s “no way.”

The books I’ve been reading told me to make a decision and stick with it.  ‘Stick with it’ being the key word. One of the many characteristics of a successful person is their ability to persevere. Successful people don’t give up and run at the first sign of trouble.  Sure there are people who get lucky and make it big with just one video that went viral, but most of us who think someone was an “overnight success” has actually been at it for years, always continuing with the end in mind, through all kinds of challenges, and seeming “failures.”  As human beings, for some reason, we love to compare our first day at something with someone else’s 1000th day at something which can discourage a person incredibly.

My mind was focussed (and ridiculously so) on how long it would take me to be successful at something, and if my mind couldn’t come up with an answer, or if I didn’t have a reference of people who succeeded then I’d see it as something out of reach, or something that I was too old to get into, or just plain unrealistic. Then you know what would happen? A few years would pass and I’d be thinking, “wow if only I’d of started (insert project here) years ago I’d probably be quite good at it by now”.


So now I’m on my writing, blogging, online marketing journey for ME. I’m not concerning myself with “when will this ever pay off” I’m actually just enjoying the journey, learning, and trying to be better. I can’t blame life for not giving me what I want if I don’t even try. And not to sound negative but even if I never succeeded at it, and had to keep a “real job” my whole life, I’d still be happier with myself for having tried, then if I hadn’t.   I’m also done indulging the naysayers who don’t really have any interest in what I’m doing with my life, yet they condescendingly ask “So how’s the internet marketing thing going?” not even trying to contain the smirk, as if to say, “I told you, you wouldn’t be successful at it”  even though it’s only been a few months.

So What Exactly Is Online Marketing?
Here’s a simple definition:
“Internet marketing, or online marketing, refers to advertising and marketing efforts that use the Web and email to drive direct sales via electronic commerce…”

Online marketing can take many forms; email marketing, pay per click, selling ebooks, affiliate marketing and others that you can check out here, but the types I’ve been focussing on are: selling ebooks, and using my blog to market quality products or services of other companies (affiliate marketing).

Creating a digital book by either writing it yourself or getting it ghost written and then promoting and selling it on a site like Amazon is what I mean by using ebooks as a form of online marketing. The book can be literally on any topic you’d like, but if you want to be strategic about it you may want to research what types of info and topics people are Googling and writing your book based on your findings.  Here is my first attempt at an ebook (be nice, it is my first attempt after all).

my first ebook cover

Although it is possible to find all the info you need on creating and promoting an ebook on the internet, I wanted to have it all in one program so I took the suggestion of someone I knew who has been successful with selling ebooks and did the K Money Mastery course by Stefan James Pylarinos. Stefan has done very well for himself selling ebooks along with other online marketing strategies, and shows us how to do it in his very reasonably priced K Money Mastery course. Bonus is that his website, Project Life Mastery, where you can find his K Money Mastery Course and others, is an AMAZING website full of free motivational and educational articles on how we can master our lives in general. I’ll do a full review on the K Money Mastery course later, but you can Click Here if you are interested in checking out the course now.

And so there you have it, a little info into the beginning of my online marketing journey.  If you have any questions about the K Money Marketing course then please just ask.

If you have a dream or an idea don’t let your age, or the idea that it’s impractical get in the way of you starting something you’re interested in.  Life is too short not to try things!

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