I had already flushed after going for a wee in the outdoor loo of the home stay in Hua Hin, Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand where I would spend the next two weeks, when I read the sign right in front of me that asked me not to flush toilet paper.  Weird. I’ve heard of not flushing tampons before, but toilet paper!?  I knew things were going to be different in Thailand, but I couldn’t imagine putting toilet paper in the waste bin after a number 2.  I had to ask Julien, the host of the home stay.

The 2nd bathroom, which is separate from the main house I'm staying at.  The sink is outside, but just beyond that door to the right is room with a toilet and shower.
The 2nd bathroom, which is separate from the main house I’m staying at. The sink is outside, but just beyond that door to the right is room with a toilet and shower.


Julien explained to me how he hasn’t used toilet paper in years, that instead he uses the bum gun first on his bum, then his hand to wipe and get rid of any dangle berries (while still spraying) and then he immediately washes his hands once he’s done (I should hope so.) He says it’s actually way more hygienic than using toilet paper, and creates less waste because you won’t need as much if any.  He said he hasn’t used ANY toilet paper, so I guess he doesn’t mind having a wet ass for a while after he’s done his business.


Man, I feel so weird just writing about this.


For those of you who don’t know what a bum gun is, it is simply a spray gun, located beside a toilet, and used for cleaning your nether region after going to the bathroom, it has the same function as a bidet.


Now, the thought of wiping my ass with my hand thoroughly disgusts me, not to mention Julien’s explanation made my phobia about everyone’s hand germs just increase about 100 fold, but I also didn’t want to be the only guest at the home stay throwing away shitty toilet paper in the waste bin.


After venting about this craziness on Facebook and being unable to hold it in any longer after 48 hours, I decided to give it a try.  The first time was an absolute mess.  Not the kind of mess you may be imagining, I mean I got water everywhere.  However I didn’t use my hand and used only a bit of toilet paper just to dry the area, and was able to discard a clean piece of toilet paper in the waste bin, so the gun did it’s job very well. I definitely felt fresher then if I had only used toilet paper, but the fact that I used half a roll to clean up the water mess on the toilet, and floor kind of defeats the purpose of this method of cleaning oneself  being less wasteful of paper.


So I looked up a much needed bum gun usage tutorial. I found one written by the author of the blog www.talesfromanexpat.com. Don’t worry he isn’t literally taking a poop, he’s fully dressed while doing the tutorial.


Just an F.Y.I. while the video tutorial says to spray from the back I’ve seen many that say to go from the front and just aim the nozzle at  your a**hole.


I guess using this will simply take some getting used to, others have adapted to it, here is the story of an Australian dad who splits his time between Australia and Thailand who is now a bum gun convert.




Happy watching:



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5 thoughts on “Getting Over my Bum Gun Phobia – And Tutorial”

  1. There’s some discomforting about knowing using bare hand to clean bum is a common practice as there might be many people who then’ just use the bum gun to spray their hand and then dry without washing them afterwards. Perhaps some people in the food industry. Many people have reported being sick after eating the food thinking it is the food itself. I’m thinking germs from human faeces.

    1. Hence me writing my hand germaphobia drastically increased after learning all of this. I guess the best thing I can do is carry my hand sanitizer and hope for the best.

  2. I agree with Ronald. I’d be afraid that there would be some who don’t wash their hands after that. I’m sickened enough by the number of people I know don’t wash there hands after a North American bathroom experience

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