One of the best ways to become successful is to model the behaviour of successful people.  So, in that spirit I’ve taken on the habit of a morning ritual, something I’ve read time and time again is the way many successful people start their day.  Here’s a list of the morning routines of highly successful people, what do you think?

A morning ritual is basically a series of activities you do every morning that allow you to start your day with controlled ‘you time’. If you start every morning in a positive way it stands to reason that you increase your chances of the rest of your day being positive, and the accumulation of positive days equals a positive life.  Think about waking up and knowing exactly how your day will start.  Taking time just for you, being able to calmly think about how your day will play out.  Now think about hitting the snooze button 11 times, getting up in a rushed panic, skipping breakfast to get to work on time, only to find out that you actually should have been in 30 minutes earlier to be on time for that conference call. Then spending the rest of your day frazzled and behind the eight ball.

A morning ritual doesn’t have to be elaborate, or some zen list of working out, meditating, praying and yoga all before 5:30am (unless that’s what you want it to be).  It should be stuff you want to do, and stuff that makes you feel good.  Stuff that once done, makes you feel like you can now start your day focused and balanced!  So, if you’re morning ritual is watching Sport Centre highlights, reading the stock market while having coffee and then taking a hot shower, then so be it!  As long as you feel like you’re in control and you have some head space between waking up and going to work where you are going to be giving of yourself to others for the next 8+ hours.

Having a morning ritual that you’re committed to reduces stress because it’s one less thing you have to think about.  You know how your morning will start compared to lying in bed wondering if you’ll actually get up and go to the gym, or if you’re going to hit the snooze button one more time and hit up a McDonalds drive thru for breakfast.

And here is my newly acquired morning routine!

1. Drink hot lemon water while checking emails and my agenda

2. Yoga (and a workout after the yoga if I have time)

3. Meditate

4. Write in my Journal

I’m still tinkering with it though, trying to find the order that suits me best.  Sometimes I do the yoga immediately after waking up because I feel like it.  Sometimes I do the lemon water write in my journal and then start yoga. In any case its these four activities until I find the order that is just perfect for me. I’m still new to all of this.

Okay so I admit this picture of my downward dog is not my best lol. I had 10 seconds to get into position which is a little far from where the camera is placed if I wanted my whole body in the shot. One day I’ll show you better!

I’ve only been doing this morning routine for a couple of weeks and already I feel like something is missing if I don’t do it. I love feeling like I’ve already been productive first thing in the morning.  I’m considerably less stressed out thanks to starting the day gently, doing things I love to do that also benefit me. By the end of my routine I feel so ready to take on the day! Something that a person like me who is dealing with anemia, and hypothyroidism (can you say constant hella fatigue?) truly appreciates.

Before I started this routine I’d literally stay in bed as long as I could, tossing and turning, ruminating over how fatigued I still felt despite spending the last 9 hours in bed, and dreading the fact that eventually I’d have to get up. I’d feel guilty for not just getting out of bed right away, while at the same time justifying that I shouldn’t be so hard on myself considering I have deficiencies that cause fatigue.  This inner monologue was so draining that by the time I did get out of bed I think I felt 10x more tired than if I had just gotten up and at em as soon I woke up.

My meditation nook. I like to use a meditation chair.

Now that I’m committed to the morning routine I just get up once I’m awake knowing that despite the fatigue I’ll feel so much better if I just do it.  The lemon water helps to take away some of the brain fog, the stretching and yoga gets the blood circulating, the writing gets the brain and the creative juices flowing and the meditation gives me some time to be still, and think about what I’m grateful for and get “plugged in.” After the morning routine my day goes way better than when I played the victim in bed, thinking about how tired I was and how I didn’t want to get up, which was simply pushing against the inevitable…very energy sapping.

A close up of my meditation alter. I have pictures of things that make me feel great, pictures of Isaiah and me, of a trip I took in Malaysia and one in Thailand, a gift of a small buddha a friend in Thailand gave me. And my skull full of change (gotta get that money vibe on) and a bird holding a string of eye of the tiger beads. Id like it if the glass bird was a blackbird but a seagull will have to do for now lol.

So I hope this inspires you to get a morning routine started, or maybe you already have one? What do you do in order to start your day feeling centered?

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