Spring is going to be over before I know it and I haven’t really done much besides work and workout. Not that I haven’t been loving the four block radius where my peaceful life of working, going to the park to train and grocery shopping all take place.  I’m quite content at the moment with very little rocking my boat.

But, I promised myself that as soon as the weather got nice I’d get out and explore the city more, make the most of it, socialize.  After all I’m not going to meet my soul mate – that sounds so corny – if I don’t expand my social circle.

It’s just too easy – and great justification as an introvert – to fall into the trap of being “too tired” after work to ever do anything (except workout that is, there is always steam in the tank to get that workout in). So, in an attempt to learn my city a bit more and to include more socialization (and balance) into my daily routine I’ve created a list of just five things I want to do before summer starts. Tell me what you’d add to this list.

  1. Bord’Elle: Entrées, Cocktails and Dancing
    Despite loving to dance I really don’t go out all that often. I can’t even remember the last time I got dressed up and went out.  Jeans and old t-shirts or workout clothes are my main uniforms so getting dressed up is really a special occasion for me. Going to Bord’Elle is a great way for me to  kill two birds with one stone; Go somewhere I’ve ever been in Montreal and DANCE!
    I read that Bord’Elle has a 20’s inspired theme going on and the Spicy Scallop Crudo and Salmon Poke Bowl both sound deliciously promising.  It will also make a change to see people that aren’t on a dating app.
  2. Tam Tams: Frisbee Throwing, Drum Beating, Sun-Bathing
    It’s been more than ten years I’m sure since I’ve been to Tam Tams and that is seriously a shame considering I was living here in Montreal last year.  Mount Royal is a little far from my place so I doubt I’ll be going there every Sunday but I have to make it out at least once or twice.For those of you who don’t know what Tam Tams is: It’s basically a collection of free spirits that gather on Mount Royal every  Sunday from about noon until sunset to beat their drums, sell their goods, dance, throw frisbees and kick hacky sacks, lie on blankets and just enjoy the vibe.  Another good way for me to mingle.
  3. Shut up and Write MeetUp Group: Writing, Motivating, Socializing
    I found a writing group on meetup.com where I basically meet up with other writers at a determined public location and we socialize and motivate each other to write.  They meet every Tuesday and I’m off Tuesday’s so it’s perfect.  But, there are actually a lot of interesting meet up groups in Montreal, the Sport, Action, Challenge Yourself is one.
  4. Sylla Robillard Fitness: Pulling, Pushing, Moving
    Sylla Robillard is an awesome calisthenics practitioner, coach and member of the Elite Calisthenics team Tribarata.  He’s made programs for me that have helped me increase my dips and progress with my muscle up progression.  He also runs outdoor classes at Laurier Park and Park St. Aloysius.  It’s a great way to get a little variety into my fitness routine while doing a workout that’s relevant to my goals.  Also a good way to get fresh air and meet some new peeps and spend time at my favourite calisthenics park.
  5. Walking Food Tour: Eating, Drinking, Being Merry
    Final item on my ‘salvage what’s left of the spring’ list is doing a Food Tour. I came across this website browsing ‘things to do in Montreal’ online.  I love food, I love walking and I the goal is to get out and socialize so it’s perfect.  I was having trouble deciding between the Old Montreal and Plateau food tour but I think in the end it’s the Old Montreal Food tour te one that is going to win out.



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