Thanks to the Fighter Pullup Program I’ve increased my pullups by 42% in under a month! The jump from 4 to 7 may seem insignificant to many but it’s HUGE to me because I was stuck on only being able to do 4 consecutive pullups before needing to stop for a break for over a year.

One of the fitness goals I want to achieve by January 4th 2017 (the end of the 100 Day Challenge)  is being able to do 10 consecutive pullups, seeing as how I bumped up from 4-7 within a couple of weeks I’d say I’m right on track!

So why am I so obsessed with pullups? Well first of all they’re BAD ASS. Pullups are to upper body what squats are to lower body (in my humble opinion). If you can do pullups it’s automatic gym cred, especially if you’re a woman as they’re apparently harder for us women to do. I don’t know how much I believe that to be true though.  Also, the strength you gain in pullups is transferable to many other exercises and activities. As you get stronger in pullups you will also improve in bench press, overhead press and rows.  If you like to climb or if you’re a fighter or just want to get better at calisthenic movement (all things I’m interested in) than pullups should definitely be a main staple in your exercise arsenal.


Here are a few reasons the pullup (and chinup) are what I consider beast moves:

1. It’s a compound exercise – meaning it involves several muscles and joints to perform the exercise

2. A form of cardio – Doing pullups really gets your heart rate going, so if you want a bit of a cardio effect, decrease the rest time between your sets

3. Strengthens your core

4. Improves your posture

5. Increases grip strength so you can do more pullups and/or hold heavier weights doing other exercises

6.  Convenient – All you need a is a bar and there are many at home options for pullups that don’t require that you deface your home by screwing it in

7. Many variations and options for progression

8.Builds a great looking physique

So have I made a case for why you should be doing pullups?  Great! So before writing pullups off as being too hard, I suggest you give the Fighter Pullup Program a chance. You can find the link to the program here. Although there are several different programs (depending on what your current pullup max is) the main concept remains the same, which is to do 5 sets of a specific rep scheme over a specific time period.

This is only a short term program lasting between 1 and 4 weeks.  So why not at least give the Fighter Pullup Program a try if getting better at pullups has always been a dream of yours.


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