Although looking for an apartment sucks in general, the upside is discovering neighborhoods and subsequently the eateries in those neighborhoods that I otherwise would have never known about.

This was the case when I stumbled upon Tri Express, a cozy sushi place right on the corner of Laurier and Marquette. The place was just so inviting that I had to give it a try.  For some reason I’m attracted to establishments that have their entrance right at the corner of intersecting streets.

Tri Express Outside

I don’t often eat Sushi but when I do I expect THE BEST, and Tri Sushi did not disappoint.  I love that the creativity of the Chef allows you to eat first with your eyes.

Tri Express Dish
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I was alone and not that hungry so the only thing I ordered was the Spicy Salmon Maki, comprised of green onion, cucumber, lettuce and a spicy sauce, with of course your ginger and wasabi on the side. Man oh man was it DEE-LISH! All ingredients were of the utmost freshness therefore flavours were just bursting.


I definitely recommend and will return to Tri Express Sushi!

Have you been? What dishes do you recommend?

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