“The only thing that never changes is that everything changes.”

― Louis L’Amour

The above quote is so apt for me right now for a few reasons; 1. It’s true. 2. With the training I’ve been putting in, my body she is a changin’ (and I love it) and 3. I had to update my goals a tad to reflect the changes that have/are happening in my life right now.

One of the goals I had for this year was to save $10,000.  Well when I made that goal I had a job that was paying a lot more than what I make now as an assistant manager at a cafe.  In my current job I don’t think it would have been possible to save that much in a year even if I lived my life in ultra financial austerity mode. I know that sacrifices are usually necessary if you want to achieve something big but I wasn’t willing to eat nothing but Mr. Noodles and live in a shelter to make it happen.  So I’ve removed that as one of my goals.  Instead I’ve just decided to save 10% (or more depending on what expenses I have during the month) of each pay.

I wanted to use that $10,000 to take off to Thailand once more for at least 6 months. Well, since falling in love with calisthenics and REALLY wanting to reach my calisthenics goals I no longer want to go away for such a long time. It’s true that calisthenics can be practiced virtually anywhere, but I feel that it’s really not a good time to be taking off on a long trip. It’ll be too easy to for me to get distracted and not practice as much. I need the motivation and inspiration of my team right now and that will be a lot easier if we are actually in the same city.

That doesn’t mean I don’t still love and plan to travel it just means that for the moment I won’t be going away for that long of a time.  So 6 months in Thailand will be replaced with a couple of weeks somewhere closer to home (I don’t have the cash for it anyway as previously mentioned so that kinda works out).

This is more of an addition than a change, which is to meet the Tribarta Elite Calisthenics team requirements. I’m still working on what time frame I should give myself to complete this, I will discuss it with my coach tomorrow. The requirements are as follows:
1 Muscle up
25 Dips
12 Pull Ups
40 Push Ups
1 Muscle Up
In 6 minutes or less.

Right now this seems unattainable to me, which makes it all the more exciting. The muscle up was already one of my goals even before making the team so I’m killing two birds with one stone on that one.

I used to want to achieve things just to save face because I’d already told people I’d do something, even if it was no longer what I really wanted. Or even worse I’d sometimes not go for things because of the negative reaction of others. But now I say screw that! I’ll do what makes me happy, even when people do think it’s silly that someone of my age is trying to meet such a difficult requirement. What’s the point is what some ask me as if wanting to see how far I can take this body of mine before I die isn’t a good enough answer, but no one has to understand my reasons all I know is I just feel like I’m doing what I should be doing on an intrinsic level.

So for all of you out there who have made goals at the start of the year, don’t forget to re evaluate and see if the goals are still relevant to you (the R in SMART goals) and if they aren’t get rid of it or change it.

Just remember there is a big difference between just giving up, and adjusting your goals to your current desired path, hopefully you are able to tell the difference. One way to find out is to ask yourself if you are letting go of the goal because the road to get there is too difficult? Or have your desires truly changed? Only you can answer that and in my case it’s definitely the latter.

Well actually I’d still love to have $10,000 just sitting in my savings account but my desire to focus on training trumps my desire to find ways of making extra money. Maybe my new found desire will lead me to the money one day, who knows! Only time will tell.

Wish Me Luck!

Here is a short and sweet article in a blog I recently found on the same topic:

When Your Goals Change

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