Bucket List

Visit Thailand

Learn Muay Thai at a Muay Thai kickboxing camp

Have a Muay Thai Fight

Get in the best shape of my life

Travel to the continent of Africa

Visit the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt

Go on an African Safari

Attend a Kung Fu camp

Visit Hanoi in Vietnam

Visit Ha Long Bay in Vietnam

Visit Machu Picchu in Peru

Visit Victoria B.C.

Learn how to use my Sony Nex 7 camera on manual mode

Achieve freedom from all debt

Be able to hold a free standing hand stand for at least 30 second

Buy my mother, grandmother and son a house

Live in Cologne, Germany for a summer and become an expert on the city

Visit Hobbiton movie set in New Zealand

Ride a segway

Learn how to swim (properly)

Go on a road trip through the Alps

Stay a week at the Cambrian Hotel in Switzerland

Be a life changing positive inspiration/influence to at least one other person on this planet

Write a book



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