So I just found a new place to live (and already thinking about moving again; finding the perfect roommate situation is proving to be harder than I thought) in the Rosemont/Petite Patrie neighborhood of Montreal.

I LOVE this area! I’m a short walk from restaurants, cafes, the outdoor strip mall Plaza St-Hubert, metro Beaubien, a couple of medical clinics, grocery stores, pharmacies, there’s even a park at the corner of my street. So if I do end up moving again I would really love to stay in this neighborhood if possible.

But I digress, the actual reason for this post is talk about what I consider to be a very important task after moving into a new neighbourhood, and that is to finding a local breakfast restaurant of course. I’m a huge fan of breakfast and brunch so wherever I live I always hope to find a spot that I can frequent once or twice a week. In this case I succeeded with flying colours.


The gem of a restaurant I speak of is called Tsak Tsak.  Tsak Tsak is located at 280 Beaubien, only about a 12 minute walk from my place but well worth it if you have to travel to get to this place, it’s THAT good. Okay so I’ve only eaten there once so far, but based on the menu, the reviews and the friendly welcoming personality of the owner I will be back again and again.

If you go for breakfast on a Saturday or Sunday though you’re best to show up before 10am or after 2pm otherwise you risk waiting for awhile.


The young and talented Madagascar born owner Riana is not a formally trained chef either, her skill comes purely from her passion and love of cooking instilled in her when she was learning at her mother’s side as a young girl in Madagascar.  Add a little determination and creativity to that passion and Tsak Tsak was born.

Now when I say “passion and love” I mean it. Almost everything at the restaurant is homemade. From the English muffins and breads, to the smoked salmon and sausages, there’s even homemade Nutella and chocolate bars, now that’s dedication!


I ordered the smoked salmon eggs benedict which comes with sides of gorgeous potatoes, spiced to perfection, and a little salad drizzled in a homemade vinaigrette.  I don’t have one negative thing to say about the dish, the hollandaise was silky smooth, my egg yolks were as soft as they could be while still having a fully cooked egg white, the smoked salmon melted in my mouth and not one wilted leaf in my springy fresh, berry topped mixed green salad.


In conclusion, Tsak Tsak is an unassuming breakfast/lunch/dinner eatery worth checking out and although I’ve only eaten there once (so far), my own experience and the reviews I’ve read tell me this restaurant is one of the reasons Montreal is on the map as one of the great places to find great food.

Have you been to Tsak Tsak? What is your favourite dish?





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