I had big dreams for 2017.  “It’s going to be my year”  I told myself and others repeatedly.  I had visions of doing handstands atop foreign mountains, hitting up calisthenics parks all over the world and impressing people with cool tricks on the bar, spending a month at a Muay Thai camp with Isaiah.

I was so motivated and psyched for myself that I wanted to share my enthusiasm with others and held a little get together to promote making goals and how to try and achieve them so that we have a productive year that brings us pride and success.

Well the Universe apparently had other plans for me.

Here are all the things I DID not accomplish in 2017


  • Achieve a free-standing handstand
    Definitely the most frustrating of all of my failures. I REALLY wanted this one. I practiced, okay maybe not every single day, but most days I did practice. I honestly wondering how the heck someone can practice something this much and STILL not get it.  This one went back on the list and I’ve recruited the big guns to help me now, in the form of the Dylan Werner video based Flystrong program meant to take someone from no handstand to a handstand and Steven Low’s Overcoming Gravity book.
  • Achieve a muscle-up
    Yeah I’m still not happy that I didn’t achieve this and it’s still something I want to achieve but I think now I put more effort into learning the front lever than the muscle-up.  So it’s still there in the back of my mind but not on the list.  It doesn’t mean I don’t still attempt it, or do exercises for it, I just needed a break from focussing on it.


    • Save $10,000 in a year
      BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  I’m so far from that target it’s ridiculous.  Basically what happened is I quit the job that realistically could have allowed me to save that much money.  I got a new job but it pays a lot less.  In theory I could have tried to save a portion of that $10,000 goal but………I couldn’t have it all so I went for nothing.  Silly I know but I simply wasn’t as committed to sacrificing while earning so little. On the other salary I would have to just “cut back” on things, on this salary Id have to cut things out to save because I already don’t have that much disposable income to begin with.


    • Take an extended trip abroad.
      Yes I thought about going back to Thailand for a couple of months, you know with all that money I was supposed to save, considering the last bullet point I guess you understand why this never came to be.


  • Meditate for 30 mins a day
    I even made it easy on myself where I could do it in two 15 minute sittings a day, but man is sitting still ever difficult.  I was going well for 15 minutes a day for awhile because a quick meditation was part of my morning routine, but once I got a job where I had a 7am start time, and once winter hit and it’s still pitch black when its time to get up well lets just say my morning routine kind of fell by the wayside turning 15 minutes of meditation a day into 0 minutes.


  • Read one book a month
    You know how many I read?  TWO.  Two book in an entire year.  All I can to say to that is. Sad.
  • Write two blog posts a month
    This one really saddens me because I love my blog and I was doing well for the first half of the year, but then I just felt like a lot of things weren’t going my way and I didn’t want to post about negative stuff.


    A few things actually.  Life threw me some curveballs and I just found it difficult to adapt to the changes while still working on my goals.  I moved, I took a lower paying job but doing more hours, severe anemia draining me of energy, a lawsuit and its associated costs, not seeing fitness gains despite training.  I’m not trying to make up excuses here, I know overcoming those challenges were entirely possible, I just let being overwhelmed by everything happening all at once take over and I didn’t rise to the occasion.

    I could easily join the chorus of people I’ve met who have told me that “2017 was just the worst” (which was a lot of people for some reason) but I suppose despite it all I still don’t really think the year was all that bad. I still have a lot to be thankful for.

    I am far from defeated though, I’m going to redo my goals for 2018 and go for it again.  What else can I do?  There will definitely be some tweaks to my approach this time around which I’ll explain in another post.

    What I had hoped for was for this to be a post about how I had accomplished all of my goals for 2017, and I almost didn’t even write a year in review post because it has been so fruitless but I wanted to be honest. I didn’t want to only post the good. So here you have it.


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