Find Your Greatness - 100 Day Challenge

That’s the motto for the ‘100 Day Challenge’; a world class program used by corporations like IBM, Xerox, Fed Ex, Sony and Bank of America to name a few, as well as individuals like me and you, to set and achieve goals.

And I’ve signed up!

In my 20’s I was the most self-motivated person you’d ever meet! I was that one getting up at 5am to go to the gym and then going again after work, and although I’ve since learned that the government is not the right career path for me to be on, at  least when I was in the government I would reach the career goals that I would set and this was all without even having any formal goals written down, my will power and stamina were enough for me to get shit done.

Live an Epic Life - 100 Day Challenge

But sometimes things change, and after creating a lot of bad habits over the last few years, one of the worst being my love affair with sweat pants, my couch and Netflix, I am no longer that self-motivated spring chicken I once was.  Now I’m in my 30’s, with a slow metabolism and cellulite, a boring job and IF I do set a goal I don’t stick to it. Iwas in a bad cycle and needed help.

Determined to get out of this cycle I signed up for the 100 Day Challenge based on all the amazing reviews I’d read about the program.  The program promises to help you reach your goals using a mix of encouragement, accountability and tough love over a period of 100 days. If I stick with this I will get more done in the next 100 days then I’ve done in years (which actually isn’t that hard considering how little I’ve been doing lately but still). The program runs the last 100 days and the first 100 days of every year.

I’m only a couple of weeks in but so far I LOVE IT, and so far I haven’t strayed from working on my goals DAILY.

Finish Strong - 100 Day Challenge

The program asks you to enter up to three goals to work on over the next 100 Days, here are mine:

1. Career: To earn $100 or more from my online marketing efforts

2. Fitness: To get down to 140lbs and 18% body fat – To increase strength in deadlift, squat and overhead press by 40%, to do 20 pushups consecutively, to do 10 pull ups consecutively, to hold an assisted handstand for 1 minute to run 5km without stopping all in preparation for a return to Thailand to train Muay Thai (and a possible second fight??? We’ll see about that one lol)

3. Write everyday for the next 100 Days!

To you these goals may not seem very ambitious but for someone like me who has had a long hiatus in achieving ANY goal it’s the right mix of being challenging while still being attainable.  Next round of goals will be a little more challenging and the round after that more challenging still.

In any case no matter how big or small your goals the 100 Day Challenge can help you START FAST and FINISH STRONG!

What goals would you like to achieve?

Finish Strong Manifesto - 100 Day Challenge

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